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They told us they discontinued the packs. Now they bring it back? Then why discontinued in the first place ? Don't you guys feel cheated by konami? They basically eat their words. Its barely 2 mths.
because its unfair for new players especially korean gamers who just got the app in their app store. They have a disadvantage without kuriboh in relinquish decks. (And the world tournament is soon...)
Also they want to make money (and I don't blame them for that).
If they say "Hey, these boxes soon won't be available anymore for an unspecified period of time"
then a lot of people will probably spend money to get the remaining rare cards they need.
<< Anonymous
Yes thats the keyword. They wanna make "money" from us. I dislike their attitude towards this. They can bring in any excuses (cups,cater for players, anniversary..) to discont, re-release boxes whenever they like it. We are the suckers aren't we? :p
I think you aren't a new player, and maybe will struggle when new players get MW and such, but you realize that is very unfair you having cards that others can't even have a chance to get? There is many new F2P players in this game, also the ones who pay, that just started the game now, so Konami gave them equal chances
<< Anonymous
Boxman precisely said it all. Giving equal chance is just an excuse. Revenue is the real deal. Lets earn more money to play this game.
<< Anonymous(Boxman)
Boxmam quit 🔥ing u lil goof


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Too bad Rainbow Neos isn't here
we are missing the good s/t support
tenki search rooster, rooster search imagen. fuse into this card
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