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update 25/09/2016

Dragonic Knight

Dragonic Knight
Monster TypeDragon
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeQuick Effect
Anti-supportsEffect Monster


When the effect of an opponent's monster is activated that targets and destroys a card(s) you control, you can send the targeted card(s) to the Graveyard to Special Summon this card from your hand.

How to get / rarity

PackChaotic Compliance [R]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--








ActionsSends from field to Graveyard for cost / Sends from your field to your Graveyard
Summoning categoriesSpecial Summons itself from your hand

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Berger 3days ago
Ok, so most of the card effects that target and destroy a card won't trigger this card's effect... so, isn't it easier to build a list of cards that can actually trigger this card special summon effect? I've never been able to special summon this monster with his effect, so I can't even start the list, but if anyone here could start it, sure sooner or later we all will be able to use this card better.
Berger 3days ago
Oh, and before someone get angry with me because of the "engrish", yeah, it's not my 1st language so I'm sorry if I offended someone. It's just that It's not easy to find answers in any brazilian blogs. Anyway, I hope everybody can understand me and focus in answering the all questions 4 new and old players alike. Thnx
Anonymous 7days ago
Flip effect not able to activate summon condition because only flip may not destroy any of your card(s). You must have a card in the field and destroy by opponent's monster effect. I doubt how can it happen... I think the activate condition of this card is UR, although the card placed in R. :p
anon 6days ago
Repost plz?couldn't understand one single word of that gibberish which I assume is some poor attempt at English.
anon 6days ago
As for the flip effect it depends on whether or not it targets and destroys a card you control (this won't trigger the summoning condition at all if the flip effect is activated in the middle of the damage step)as for the rest of your statement please use proper English not engrish(broken English) or just post in your own native language.
Edgar81539 11days ago
Another situation where this card won't work is when flip side effects are activated thanks to an attack. Since flip effects activate in the middle of the damage step, you can't use the effect of Dragonic Knight to counter the activation of Man-Eater Bug or a similar monster or any of their like. It's a different story when the opponent flips the monster on his own.
anon 11days ago
Considering how situational this card is Konami should just ditch and replace it with Tragoedia or something similar
eMi 13days ago
doesnt trigger off of crimson ninja destroying a trap card?
Edgar81539 11days ago
Crimson Ninja faces the same dilemma as the Keith machines; since you don't know the card you don't know if it's going to get destroyed or not. So Dragonic Knight can't be used against it.
Daemon Blitzkrieg 14days ago
Huh....autocorrect still a bane. I swear I didn't mean a small part of my last comment...
Matthew 14days ago
Doesn't trigger off of Gravekeeper's Oracle either...
anon 14days ago
Gravekeepers oracle effect doesn't target and unfortunately this card only be special summoned the effect of the opponents monster targets, another reason to hate Oracle if you ever face it lol :p
Edgar81539 15days ago
Here is the reason this card sucks ass: Aside from the VERY SPECIFIC trigger for it to be special summoned, half of the monster destruction triggers on this game (Those from Bandit Keith gun machines) can't be countered by this card.

Why? Because they're not guaranteed to destroy the monster. It's the same with Stardust Dragon, the guy can't activate his effect against any of Keith machines on the IRL game.

Blame Konami, but ATM the card is absolutely useless.
anon 14days ago
I stand corrected twister wouldn't work since its a not monster effect,regardless though it still doesn't specify monster destruction so i'm assuming if a monster effect targeted a s/t card you control then you'd be able to spec this card
anon 14days ago
Most players aren't lazy as you call them most are simply ignorant of the rulings and a lot of players may not be aware of how to find rulings (or that they even exist) why you ask?simple most yugioh players play for fun and couldn't give a rat's ass about how good they or other players,so stop an elitist and have some respect for people of ALL skill levels.
anon 14days ago
Not everyone understands how rulings, negation etc work also did it ever occur to you that some of this player base probably consists of newcomers, young children and other people who may not fully understand the game? I'm sure if most people knew how to find rulings (and I'm pretty sure most people don't) which means most people are merely ignorant and not lazy
anon 14days ago
PS: I'm the fool since twister is a magic card and not a monster effect,it wouldn't work but it doesn't specify monster destruction, so im assuming if a monster effect was activated that targeted and destroyed my s/t then id be able to spec this card, perhaps testing in ygopro will reveal the answer
anon 14days ago
@Daemon Blitzkrieg don't bother talking to edgar i seriously don't understand why people like him get so upset over some not understanding some ruling which most people aren't even aware of,in my instance however i did initiate the argument so I'm the fool xD both for calling him one and not reading the card text properly
Daemon Blitzkrieg 14days ago
I would just like it notified that I, DB, know HOW to look up the rulings. It isn't that hard, but complicated to new players which I get. However, I've legit been preoccupied w/ the 1.5x EXP event (which Bakura is in the way off) to even test the new Card Packs. So Edgar's tirades are w/e to me, but he still shouldn't be suck a dick to any & everyone. -_-
anon 14days ago
@Daemon Blitzkrieg my argument wasnt targeted at anyone in particular so im sure you are experienced enough to understand the more complicated nuances of yugioh,as you self stated however rulings are complicated to most newcomers,also as far as the average yugioh player goes most aren't even going to thinking about looking up rulings
anon 14days ago
its unfortunate however konami should consider adding rulings to this app so they're at least easier to find
dead meme 16days ago
would this work against 4 starred lady bird of doom
anon 14days ago
As far I know lady bug doesn't target so I'm assuming the answer is no, I'm sure edgar will start screaming at me if I'm wrong though
anon 6days ago
Am i wrong edgar?am I?well?if I am then I'm waiting for my insult,come here and say it instead of having admins delete it you manchild
Edgar81539 5days ago
The other anon already answered. It doesn't target. I don't see why should I answer back to you, but seeing how you're so fucking salty right now...
sjp91 5days ago
I myself am the other anon,my saltiness is directed more towards your attitude towards less knowledgeable players more so than your personal insult (retarded nigger),long story short ignorance of rulings does not equal lazy players/playerbase,there are some players who actually are lazy but most don't fall into that category
anoymous 16days ago
It doesn't work for me. Bandit Keith flipped a coin and destroyed one of my creatures but I don't get the option to special summon it
anoymous 17days ago
Too bad there aren't too many triggering effects atm
Daemon Blitzkrieg 17days ago
*enters Bandit Keith wishing this card never existed?~*

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