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update 16/12/2016

Luster Dragon #2

Luster Dragon #2
Monster TypeDragon
Card typeNormal
ArchetypesGem Dragon


This dragon feeds on emerald. Enchanted by this monster even when attacked, few people live to tell of its beauty.

How to get / rarity

PackChaotic Compliance [R]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--








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Good boss for the Kaiba deck. With Element Dragon, it OTKs easily.
<< Anonymous
Seto 28days ago Reply
What? Tonnes of trap cards ruin beater based decks man.
Can't wait for the level 4 Luster Dragon. It will probably be a UR since it has 1900 ATK.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
i hate power creep zz.. I like classic jellybean man.
<< Anonymous
DaddyMokuba 29days ago Reply
Joke's on yall Luster Dragon is only R lmao
<< Anonymous
DaddyMokuba 29days ago Reply
Joke's on yall Luster Dragon is only R lmao
<< Anonymous
Konami Bae 28days ago Reply
I voted for Luster Dragon to be a R card.Thank me fellow mortals :D
Awesome card. Same attack power as red-eyes and 1 less tribute required.
<< Anonymous(Ryu.)
AxelBlazic Reply
I know right. It's actually so op, it has more attack then some double summons. I use two of these, and a maju garzett. It's OP, you can get a monster with 4800 atk for a simple double summon
<< Anonymous(AxelBlazic)
DaSwifta Reply
It's not OP necessarily. I mean it's good and all, but Red-Eyes itself has support like black dragon's chick and Blue-Eyes now has Kaibaman, so Luster Dragon #2 is not nearly as good as it looks. It's also lacking in defenses unlike cards like Beast of Talwar.

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This is happened when I was getting sphere kuriboh, now I just never use it out of spite XD
737-326-482 1 Card Vagabond ONLY!!! Will return favor as much as I can.
just play hazy beatdown and OTK them, if they banish they die, if they don't they still die....
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