Elemental HERO GrandMerge

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Structure Deck EX: Return of the Fire Kings
update 28/05/2020

Elemental HERO GrandMerge

Elemental HERO GrandMerge
TypeWarrior, Fusion, Effect


2 "HERO" Normal Monsters
Must be Fusion Summoned. Gains ATK/DEF equal to the combined original Levels of the materials used for its Fusion Summon ×300. When this card destroys an opponent monster by battle: You can Tribute this card; Special Summon 1 "Elemental HERO" Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck, ignoring its Summoning Conditions, but it cannot attack monsters with an equal or lower Level than it.

How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--
OtherDuelist Chronicles GX: Society of Light [UR]
Ranked Rewards [UR]




  • Lenient fusion materials.
  • Can reach great attack stats depending on materials used.
  • Special Summons Elemental HERO monster from extra deck.


  • Special Summoned monster can only attack monsters with a higher level than itself.
  • Can only use second effect after destroying an opponent's monster by battle.
  • Must tribute itself to use second effect.



At his most powerful, you can summon Elemental HERO Grandmerge using 2 Elemental HERO Neos as material giving Grandmerge an attack of 4,200. Elemental HERO Neos Alius can be used as material so long as he has not been Gemini Summoned.

Extra Deck Elemental HERO

Here are some of the monsters you can Special Summon with Elemental HERO Grandmerge's effect. Some monsters, like Elemental HERO Great Tornado, will not trigger their effects because they require Fusion Summoning. However some monsters, like Elemental HERO Necroid Shaman, will trigger their effect because they only require Special Summoning.

Level Manipulation

Reduce the level of the monster you Special Summoned with Elemental HERO Grandmerge's effect to ease its attack restriction.


Hot New Top
huge atk power
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Only if you use Neos as material, since all other vanilla HERO monsters are low level.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
play 3 neos then.
KOG material
If this card Spec. Summ. Monster during main phase, it would be better because you can use Storm Neos, activate its effect then use poly to fusion summon Adoration and probably OTK with it + to avoid Storm Neos being shuffled. You can use flash fusion during battle phase but it basically the same, destroyed during the end phase.
Definitely one of the best artworks among fusion HERO monsters.
I'm trying to make a fun deck to use i know it won't be good against meta but any tips on how to improve it?

King of the swamp ×3
Elemental hero sparkman ×3
Elemental hero bubbleman ×3
Elemental hero neos ×2
Polymerization ×3
Fusion sage ×1
Fusion gate ×1
Fusion recycling plant ×1
Wall of distruption ×2
Widespread ruin ×1

Extra deck
Elemental hero grandmerge ×3
Elemental hero shining flare wingman ×2

Do i have too many fusion spells?
Should i change my extra deck?
Any advice is appreciated :)
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
ZX Reply
In my extra deck,2 grandmerge would've been enough, shining flare wingman should be 1 only, then I have rampart blaster, escuridao, and the shining with miracle fusion. You can trade any of it with any fusion e hero, as long it's good
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
Bubbleman seems pretty useless here. It's not a Normal Monster, and it's not like you're ever going to get the draw.

I'd also vary the Extra Deck a bit more. (Also, unlock your 6th Extra Deck slot, it's pretty important for a card like Grandmerge.) Also, you could probably do with some Miracle Fusion... And probably Shining to go along with it.
lolz 1600 atk sparkman is going to be useful I guess
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
How many copies do we have? just 2?
If we have 3 already then I missed 1 =D
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Just 2 Clayman for now.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I'm still waiting for the 3rd copy, we really should have gotten 3 copies of it since a long time ago.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Just use unexpected dai or painful decision to get 1 normal hero, then use poly or miracle fusion, by the way if you don't have much fusion heroes to play, then try playing rampart blaster, summon grandmerge, use its effect( if you can ) then special summon rampart blaster IN defense position then attack directly

•GrandMerge OTK is amazing.

•Come check out my YouTube video.

Can you not summon Grandmerge without Poly? Haven’t been able to
It just says heroes but you can't use destiny heroes )=
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I guess Konami is future-proofing just in case they print the main deck Masked Heroes as Normal monsters.

Since currently only Elemental Hero has Normal monsters, so allowing any HERO to be used as long as they're Normal monsters, is indeed a bit weird, unless it's future-proofing.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
no masked hero will ever be a normal monster
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
well, the Main Deck ones in the manga are Normal monsters.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Jaden permanoob
This is tier 0?
it seems like this card is only really good when your opponent controls one monster
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Then you just go into Storm Neos and shuffle their field into the Deck. ;p
Depending on situation, these are some good monsters you can summon using Grandmerge effect :
- E Hero Shining Flare Wingman >> 3000+ ATK depending on number of Hero monsters in your GY. Inflict effect damage if it destroys opponent's monster by battle
- E Hero Rampart Blaster >> can attack directly while in defense position
- E Hero Mariner >> can attack directly as long as you have a spell/trap on your field
- E Hero Plasma Vice >> can destroy any monster by discarding a card (this effect can be used on your turn only)
- E Hero Marine Neos >> once per turn (on your turn only) can destroy one card in opponent's hand
- E Hero Core >> his ATK will become double if it is attacked. Good for stalling unless your opponent use Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon or econ
Hmm, fusion summon grandmerge, at the battle phase activate anti magic arrows, then destroy a monster with it, activate grandmerge, special summon storm neos, at end phase shuffle all cards to deck via storm neos, is this one of the right comboes besides flame wingman or shining flame wingman?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nah, it should be able to summon neo spacian fusions with grandmerge. Tested it and was able to summon chaos neos
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
As long as it's an "Elemental Hero" Fusion monster, it can be summoned by Grandmerge.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, it works, already tested it, it works for any fusion e heroes, in my case it was SFW, neos knight, storm neos, and thunder giant, so... I guess this card might be the one that e heroes needed to be tier 3 or probably 2 at best...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
they can i did it with aqua neos

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