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update 20/05/2020

Elemental HERO Great Tornado

Elemental HERO Great Tornado
Monster TypeWarrior
Card typeFusion / Effect
Card Effect TypeSummoning condition / Trigger Effect
ArchetypesElemental HERO / HERO
Supports ArchetypesElemental HERO


1 "Elemental HERO" monster + 1 WIND monster
Must be Fusion Summoned and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. If this card is Fusion Summoned: Halve the ATK and DEF of all face-up monsters your opponent currently controls.

How to Get

PackTornado of Phantoms [UR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Halves all your opponent’s monsters’ stats.
  • Good stats.


  • Effect only happens once when he is fusion summoned.



Use together with monsters that can attack multiple times to take advantage of the multiple debuff when Elemental HERO Great Tornado is summoned. Within the HERO Archetype monsters that can do this are Elemental HERO Wildedge and Vision HERO Trinity.

Elemental HERO Core

When Elemental HERO Core is destroyed on your field, you can use his effect to revive Elemental HERO Great Tornado. Elemental HERO Great Tornado will not gain his effect and will only act as a beater on the field. This is one of the few ways you can Special Summon Elemental HERO Great Tornado aside from Fusion summoning.




Summoning categoriesNomi
Stat changesYour opponent's monsters lose ATK / Your opponent's monsters lose DEF


TOO MANY Hero fusions, yet only 5 extra deck slot. Nice.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Hey guess what? You can have up to 6 now if you Synchro Summon 100 times.
My only problem with E-Heroes is the fact that the best e-hero monster we currently have in the game is in a structure box (blazeman) that you need to have 3 copies yes or yes if you want a consistent e-hero fusion deck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Blazeman's available from the SR anniversary tickets isn't it? So if you didn't blow them, you could legitimately have 3 copies without having spent a cent of real money.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You don't actually need money to buy the structure decks in the first place, they're just stupidly overpriced.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You can only buy structure decks once with gems. After that, you need to cough up the dough to get any more of those decks.
Good card, but who is going to put Avian in the deck to summon him?
I think Stratos should be a reward in the next lvl up increase for Jaden.
<< Anonymous(Someone)
Eduardo Reply
That might make ThE deck a little broken
<< Anonymous(Eduardo)
Someone Reply
Who will make the deck broken? Stratos? At 1 I don't think so; we don t have ways to abuse him (sure, powerful rebirth exists, but still), we don t have Absolute Zero or Divine Wind in the game right now + E call or A hero Lives to search him out.

The second effect will be used if the opponent has 3 backrows or a card which you really need to get rid of. 80% you will use his first effect.
<< Anonymous(Someone)
purpjones Reply
it honestly depends how you use avain. he fits beautifully in my hero deck.
<< Anonymous(Someone)
Anonymous Reply
Doesn’t even have to be Avian- just use any wind monster you can squeeze in.
Judging by its art, what E Hero actually fused into this?

sorry not hero fan here....
<< Anonymous
Jake Reply
<< Anonymous(Jake)
Anonymous Reply
We know Avian. He's the OG. I think they just were talking about the manga. I don't follow the manga, so I'm not sure whether Avian never showed there.
<< Anonymous(Jake)
Anonymous Reply
...I even said "that particular deck". Worth mentioning that the deck he had prior to obtaining his "nature hero" deck was basically equivalent to his anime deck, and did contain Avian. But he never used it alongside the nature heroes like Great Tornado. (Even though he did use several other of the anime HEROes like Sparkman and Wildheart.)
<< Anonymous(Anonymous )
purpjones Reply
Easy to summon thanks to miracle fusion. Summoned him twice per turn plenty of times thanks to it.
Swamp Mirrorer is very good for E Hero deck, because you can use it as fusion material for Nova Master, Gaia or Great Tornado simply by choosing the correct attribute. Also you can fusion summon a 3400 ATK Neos Knight using Swamp Mirrorer (choose WARRIOR for its type) + Neos / King of The Swamp / any fusion substitute. Neos Knight cannot inflict battle damage but its high ATK can swing into Anki or even Blue Eyes
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Really? KOGA has been released long ago.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Don't forget Voltic, although I don't think anyone is using Voltic lol.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
"Koga" and "Goka" are different. We already have Goka in Duel Links, it is a trash card compared to Anki. But Koga is different story, it is a very good card that deserves to be a UR if Konami decide to release it in Duel Links
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not as broken as Dark Law, but still Koga's effects are more 🔥ous than Anki's
Elemental Hero is too expensive for tier 5 deck
<< Anonymous
Someone Reply
More like tier garbage. Is that hard to do like they did with six samurais?!
Come on, they will not do anything right now in the game. Let the people that loves E-hero's have some fun with this deck!
<< Anonymous(Someone)
Konami's Strategy: Reply
Hmmmm... maybe if we release more support for E-heroes, rather than releasing decent core cards, people might be more interested in making an E-Hero deck... that still won't be able to hold a candle to D-Heroes...
who asks
i'm thinking of a loooot of decks now that i have koga nova and this one
<< Anonymous(who asks)
Anonymous Reply
Koga is not in the game yet, though.

I think you meant Gaia.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
(not to mention Koga is a Masked Hero, the LIGHT Omni-Hero Fusion is Elemental Hero The Shining)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
yeah ^-^ sorry
I mean could use Wind-Up Juggler to summon this
Dear god, please don t put Absolute Zero in a box or as a PVP reward; at 3 is obnoxious as hell!

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They're Aigami's ace, so I see them releasing one copy through unlocking Aigami, but no...
In before Garnex and Garoodia become SRs in the next mini box
They should give it as a reward to every player who spent at least $100 in this game.
Twin Twister? We don't even have MST yet.
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