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Banlist update has been announced!
update 06/08/2018

Revamped Ranked Duels

They are now more accessible and have a better Rewards!

New Features

  • Cumulative victory Rewards!
  • Tickets you can trade for cards of your choice!
  • More Rank-up Rewards!
  • A new rank, "Legend Rank"!

Regarding Reward Tickets

  • Reward Tickets can be exchanged for cards.
  • Reward Tickets expire 1 month after the end of a Ranked Duel Season.
    NOTE: You cannot use tickets from more than 1 season ago.

New Ranked Rewards [Aug 6]

King Dragun [UR]

King Dragun
King Dragun
DARK Dragon ★7
ATK 2400 / DEF 1100
Ranked Rewards [UR]
"Lord of D." + "Divine Dragon Ragnarok"Your opponent cannot select any Dragon-Type monsters as the target(s) of Spell, Trap, or Monster Card effects. Once per turn, you can Special Summon 1 Dragon-Type monster from your hand.

Malevolent Nuzzle [SR]

Malevolent Nuzzler
Malevolent Nuzzler
Equip Spell
Ranked Rewards [SR]
The equipped monster gains 700 ATK. When this card is sent from the field to the Graveyard: You can pay 500 LP; place this card on the top of the Deck.

Union Rider [R]

Union Rider
Union Rider
WIND Machine ★2
Ranked Rewards [R]
You can take control of up to 1 Union Monster that is currently a monster on your opponent's side of the field, and equip it to this card. The Union Monster that is equipped to this card cannot be changed back to a monster using its own effect.

Challenge stamps

1 stamp per duel
You can recieve this reward regardless of whether you win or lose, so give it a shot!

Duel Orb5
Duel Orb10

UR Rewards

Exclusive cards

The following UR cards can't be obtained as rewards from Legendary Duelists at the Gate.

Regular Cards

The following UR cards can also be obtained by farming Legendary Duelists at the Gate.

SR Rewards

Exclusive cards

The following SR cards can't be obtained as rewards from Legendary Duelists at the Gate.

Regular cards

The following SR cards can also be obtained by farming Legendary Duelists at the Gate.

R Rewards

Exclusive cards

The following R cards can't be obtained as rewards from Legendary Duelists at the Gate.

Regular Cards

The following R cards can also be obtained by farming Legendary Duelists at the Gate.

N Rewards

Cumulative Reward

This Reward can be obtained by attaining a certain number of cumulative victories. The Reward will be sent to the Gift Box.

1Gem x50
2[N] Ticket
3Gold x5,000
5Gem x50
7Gold x5,000
10Glossy [N] Ticket
15Gem x50
20[R] Ticket
25Gold x5,000
30[SR] Ticket
40Glossy [R] Ticket
50Gold x5,000
60[SR] Ticket
65Gem x50
70Gold x 5,000
80Gem x50
100Glossy [SR] Ticket
*Rewards beyond this will alternate between Gold and Gems

Rank Up Reward

These Rewards can be obtained when you rank up, They will be sent to your Gift Box.

Rookie Rank 2-3Gem x10
Bronze Rank 1Gem x50
Bronze Rank 2-5Gem x10
Silver Rank 1Gem x50
Silver Rank 2-5Gem x10
Gold Rank 1Gem x50
Gold Rank 2-5Gem x10
Platinum Rank 1Gem x100
Platinum Rank 2-5Gem x30
Legend Rank 1Gem x100
Legend Rank 2-3Gem x10
King of GamesGem x200


Hot New Top
Anonymous 7days ago
Can someone please tell me if you can get amazoness princess from the UR pvp ticket?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
And another meta wannabe? Come on guys, be original and not followers.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
Actually i play a mill and dark magician deck, but man the artwork of amazoness princess is awesome, too bad i wasn't here during the Mai event i would love to get a prismatic one.
Anonymous 12days ago
We really need more normal.card rewards in ranked with those coming as log in gifts, I keep converting tickets to items.
Anonymous 13days ago
only i can see fur hire decks lol

Sean Masterz 13days ago
what the hell from kog back to platinum why not legend what went on there
<< Anonymous(Sean Masterz )
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
you always drop 5 tiers. For example, ending in gold 4 wil drop you to silver 4 at the beginning of the next season. since there are only 3 tiers in legend you drop down two more which is plat 4
Amazon 16days ago
I HAVE all the tickets categories N R SR UR. I WANT to trade them with amazoness cards but I didnt't find them anymore. Please someone help??????
<< Anonymous(Amazon)
Amazon 16days ago Reply
UR Paladin
SR Shaman & Willpower
Anonymous No. 2 18days ago
Did anyone else notice how they casually and quietly removed 1 UR and 1 SR reward from ranked?
There used to be an UR reward for 50 and 100 wins, and a SR reward for 30/60/120 wins.
Now UR is only for 100, and SR only for 60/120.

Your Konami
<< Anonymous(Anonymous No. 2)
Anonymous 18days ago Reply
They didn't, I still see the SR reward for 30 wins.

The UR though.....
Anonymous 18days ago
Ladder didn't reset and no new cards. Fml.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 18days ago Reply
Anyone else has this problem?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 18days ago Reply
maybe because the rank ends on 6th aug and nobody reads the notices?
Anonymous 18days ago
no UR ticket anymore?
Vincent 18days ago
Sun 19days ago
All these cards are garbo anyway. finding it very likely that as we progress and get closer to cards being used in tcg, that they will only offer those cards if you pay with cash instead of gems. i just cant see them dropping powerful cards in this game and letting ppl use gems to get them
<< Anonymous(Sun)
Anonymous 19days ago Reply
Some of the SR cards are good, actually. Rose Lover, Red-Eyes Insight, Red-Eyes Spirit, Gravity Blaster.....

And they've finally started adding good URs as well (Dynatherium and King Dragun).
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 19days ago Reply
The Light Hex Sealed Fusion is also nice.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 18days ago Reply
Oops, I meant Rose Archer, not Rose Lover.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous No. 2 18days ago Reply
Or, more precisely, WOULD'VE BEEN nice if we got Cyber Dragons, which we didn't.
John 28days ago
i can't find transmodify with the R ticket, wtf ?
ty for fixing cumulative rewards i got like 19 tickets all at once from all the ones i had missed. we all knew deep down in our hearts that you would fix the problem ty konami.

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