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update 22/05/2020

Toon Dark Magician Girl

Toon Dark Magician Girl
Monster TypeSpellcaster
Card typeToon / Effect
Card Effect TypeSummoning condition / Continuous Effect


Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Must first be Special Summoned (from your hand) by Tributing 1 monster, while you control "Toon World". If "Toon World" on the field is destroyed, destroy this card. Can attack your opponent directly, unless they control a Toon monster, in which case this card must target a Toon monster for its attacks. This card gains 300 ATK for every "Dark Magician" or "Magician of Black Chaos" in either player's Graveyard.

How to get / Rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--
Other2nd Anniversary Campaign [SR]




  • Can be special summoned, using any monsters as tribute.
  • Only toon monster that can attack right after it is summoned.


  • Can only be special summoned when Toon World is on the field.
  • Destroyed if Toon World is destroyed.


  • Gravelstorm can be used to return your toon world to prevent your opponent from destroying it. This will not destroy your toon monsters that are already on the field, but if you want to use the spell again, it will cost 1,000 LP to use.
  • Toon Mermaid will make it easier to summon toon DMG. Other monsters, that when destroyed, can special summon another monster on to the field can also work. Cards like Familiar Knight or Rai-Mei are some examples.



ActionsTributes for cost
Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesDestroys itself
Summoning categoriesCannot Normal Summon / Cannot Set / Semi-Nomi / Special Summons itself from your hand
Stat changesThis card gains ATK
Attack categoriesDirect attacker / Manages attack targets


Hot New Top
How can u get her in 2020? Others ways than a SR dream ticket?
<< Anonymous(Simone)
Anonymous Reply
Most likely SR dream .. but you can get Dark Magician toon from the Kuriboh Event SRUR ticket.
I rather go for the Prismatic Dark Magician for Yugi instead.
<< Anonymous
Simone Reply
so I'll wait until a new Pegasus event..
This card has a major weakness which isn't clear in the card's text.
It says: ''Can attack your opponent directly, unless they control a Toon monster, in which case this card must target a Toon monster for its attacks.''
--> Can attack opponent direct UNLESS they... this translates into you cannot bypass opponent's toon monsters if you want to attack directly. Okay, but that is not correct. What is actually the case is that dark magician girl cannot attack ANY other monster as long as there is a toon monster. Toon dark magician girl can ONLY attack toon monsters if they are on the field. That is some major weakness :O
<< Anonymous(James)
Anonymous Reply
Who wrote this, Dzeef? Only few people are that ignorant to repeat the same information 3 times in 1 go
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No joke. Maybe it´s the real Dzeef, with another nickname.

TDMG can attack directly even if the opponent controls monsters, unless they happen to be Toons as well. Someone beat me today using Toon REBD (which can bypass the Toon World condition) to bring TDMG out and OTK me with Toon Rollback.

There. It wasn´t that hard to properly explain.
<< Anonymous(James)
VGVideo Reply
" which case this card MUST target a Toon monster for its attacks." Did you miss this line? This line proves your point that it can only attack Toon monsters when they are on the field.
Would toon dark magician work for her effect
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nope. This card specifically ask for Dark Magician, that exact card, not Toon Dark Magician.

Toon Dark Magician didn't even exist yet when Toon DMG was made. In fact, Toon DM is actually a relatively recent card.
Same guy
Her 300 atk gain effect
Guys you can also used your SR tickets from Duel Quest for her
Will she be available with the Pegasus event that also has toon cyber? If you're doing toons, then go all out and give us the ones most can't reach easily.
TNF Supreme
Are y’all planning on adding more toon monsters and will y’all add Toon Dark Magician
<< Anonymous(TNF Supreme )
yes Toon Nephthys is next
<< Anonymous(KONAMI )
Anonymous Reply
Toon Nephthys? Is that card or a Card box you can get toon monsters from?
I wonder if there is anyway to know if YOU are TOON or not in duel links
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
toon world
TOON OTK is pretty competitive and more importantly... it's meme XD
I only ever notice this card being available in tickets AFTER I spend the tickets.
<< Anonymous(Virtus)
MyName Reply
Same here :(
For those who recently missed out. She is available again through pick a gift campaign.
So you can get 3 of these? Toon comeback?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You can now with the new pick a gift SR having TDMG.

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Yeah I guess they were pretty hyped overall. I just hope the repeat of the Kalin event comes with...
Oh yeah gravekeepers, these guys can humiliate meta decks and make them surrender turn 2 or ...
Este no lo entiedo mucho para desbloquear
Como quiero ese Konami lo puedes regalar de nuevo o vender por fa no estube en esos tienpos
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