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update 16/05/2017

Solemn Scolding

Solemn Scolding
TypeTrap Card
Card Effect TypeActivation requirement / Cost / Card effect


If this is the only Set card in your Spell & Trap Zone, when a monster would be Summoned, OR a Spell Card, Trap Card, or monster effect is activated: Pay 3000 LP; negate the Summon or activation, and if you do, destroy that card.

How to Get / Rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--
OtherRanked Duel Ticket










Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesNegates the activation of Effect Monster's effect / Negates the activation of Spell Cards / Negates the activation of Trap Cards / Destroys Spell Cards / Destroys Trap Cards / Destroys Monster Cards / Destroys negated Summons
Summoning categoriesNegates Normal Summons / Negates Flip Summons / Negates Special Summons
LPPays Life Points for cost

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Anonymous 7days ago
Somehow this card didn't trigger dark voltanis even though I countered a monster effect and I had a darkness monster to tribute.
Justin 21days ago
Aegis of Gaia synergizes very well with this card because this card needs to be the only SET card. So you can toggle ON, activate Aegis during draw phase, then solemn during the main phase because it would be the only set card. Interesting.
<< Anonymous(Justin)
Anonymous 19days ago Reply
aegis stays on the field
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
But it's no longer set
lawreencee 15days ago
it may come in handy using cyber angel rituals with ishizu’s fairy’s smile.
Leukocyte 21days ago
Lemme blow your minds for a second. Fairy's Smile + This card. *drops mic*
<< Anonymous(Masked)
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
Anon before your post.. I see that, you can set your s/t normally which can be activate without condition and the turn you ready to go just use them. The man who don't know when to activate the card is the same with someone who have 2 vigilance and lv7+ vanilla, and I can bait out all of them to win.
<< Anonymous(Masked)
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
and you can use it when you have 'face-up' card
<< Anonymous(Leukocyte)
Leukocyte 20days ago Reply
Lol @ all the perma-triggered kids in this post.
<< Anonymous(Leukocyte)
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
u sound pretty triggered urself
Anonymous 21days ago
3000 LP cost!!
This is not normal 8000LP game. It's not worth exchange for reward certainly.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
When used on full LP youll have 1000 LP: Enough to trigger certain skills like luck on your side (useful if arcana force comes out) LP cost 0 etc.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
LOYS only activates if you're at 999 or lower, flat 1000 doesn't count.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
You're wrong. What he said is correct. Below 1000 is for 'Luck on Your Side'.
<< Anonymous
Realm 20days ago Reply
In a farm deck it could instanly drop your lp to 1000. What worth it anyways, birdman joey? Oh pls.
IDGAF 21days ago
Solemn=Meta Break
Anonymous 21days ago
Good card, just not in this format. It can synergize with some skills and with Counter Fairies, but dropping your LP is always a risky play. So better pack some Supremacy Barries.
Anonymous 21days ago
Fairy Smile + Bountiful Artemis + This
A.D. 21days ago
Gotta think about the sinergy with skill, first...

Destiny Draw...yeah, but in a Mausoleum deck you may need to set more than just one (Apple, Aegis, etc)...

Luck on your side... you have to draw it early on and your LP should already be between 3000 and 4000 to trigger the can very well be your only Trap/Spell set since you defend with Kuribohs...

Life Cost 0...maybe the best sinergy? Of course you have to draw it early on, you must defend with Ebolas, etc..

other skills...still don't know much about the new ones, have unlocked all the new chars, but I've been slacking with their "training"
<< Anonymous(A.D.)
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
correct, someone complain about the cost but the cost make it skill-OTK potential. And it prevent some player to spam it too much (as floodgate). It can prevent 3sd(+much more) so how to cost should be lower than 3sd, it makes sense.
Anonymous 21days ago
not good
this one 21days ago
3000 LP cost, but if used at the right time in the duel, it can clinch the win for you I think. E.g. Let your opponent summon Relinquished or Toon Kingdom or whatever, then when the effect activates, play this card and you have crippled their strategy. Get in a 1 hit OTK and you're done. Looking forward to trying out this card once I get 30 wins
Anonymous 21days ago
absolutely insane. of course its probably a 1 of use in each duel, since running heal gain with this is clunky and not worth, but that chance of denying any single action by your opponent is pretty nuts, since you can defend yourself with sphere kuriboh normal kuriboh or even winged kuriboh

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