18th Main Box: Absolute Inferno

Nowadays (March 10th 2020), is it still worth it to invest gems in that box to make a yubel deck or can I just focus on something else ? Is the yubel deck still good in the current meta ?
Yubel's not worth it. Bad Aim and Red Dragon Archfiend from this box still get use, but those are both available in a structure deck for 1000 gems. Instead, go for a long lasting meta deck like Blackwing, Dark Magician or Lightsworn.
This box is definitely not that good anymore.

Which is amusing because there are older boxes that are still better than this box.
<< Anonymous
Ok then, thanks for the advices. I will stay away from this box (since I got both structure decks at least), keep my half decent DM deck and improve it when I'll get the gems, assuming DM won't get nerfed in the future.

About older boxes, I don't regret sphere kuriboh and secret pass to the treasures from ultimate rising. I'll stick to new boxes and use dream tickes for staples in older boxes.
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Yubel is not meta. Build your Aromage meta deck or another Neos Fusion variant.
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Honestly, generation NEXT is a better box. Their staples are OP.

Even the Arcana Joker UR is useful in Life Cost 0 decks.
<< Anonymous(not KoG)
Life Cost 0 deck? As in, Cyber-Stein deck?

....who the heck play Arcana Joker in Cyber-Stein deck when there are better beater fusions to use like Cyber End and Dark Cavalry
<< Anonymous
I'll agree that Generation Next is a better box than this one, though.

Floodgate Trap Hole is still as meta as ever.


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NO, stop that. I don't want any synchro cubic or neos cubic @@@.
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