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update 31/07/2017

Tour Bus To Forbidden Realms

Tour Bus To Forbidden Realms
Monster TypeFiend
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeFlip effect
SupportsFiend / FIRE / EARTH / WATER / WIND


FLIP: Add 1 Fiend-Type monster from your Deck to your hand, except a DARK or LIGHT monster.

How to get / Rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory againstYami Bakura lvl 30/40 [SR]
Card trader--




  • Searches deck for monster.


  • Monsters that can be searched are limited since most fiend-type monsters are DARK attribute.
  • Must be flipped to use effect.


Searchable monster cards


ActionsAdds from Deck to hand


Hot New Top
what are all the cards on the "tour bus"? i see cyber stein, magical scientist,........?

also, why were they banned? but stein isn't.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
All of these cards were banned when this card came out in the OCG in mid 2013. The cards you missed are Sangan, Yata Garasu, Rescue Cat, and Tribe-Infecting Virus. To answer your Question, Sangan, Rescue Cat, and Tribe Infecting Virus aren't banned anymore, Yata Garasu is still banned because its still a great win condition, and Magical Scientist is banned because its the most broken card ...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
in the TCG/OCG because it just allows you to shit out multiple powerful boss monsters with very little setup (Hell, before Links no setup was needed). Its also incredibly diverse and adaptable.
<< Anonymous
Robin Lionheart Reply
There's also that blue guy in the back. I think he got on the wrong bus by Mistake.
You can also use the card Deep Diver to get Lava Golem faster. When Deep Dinner is destroyed by battle, you can send any monster card to the top of your deck.
<< Anonymous(BeeDubyah)
BeeDubyah Reply
Deep Diver*
Typo in my response
Any substitute for this card?
This card has an awesome art design. Poor old Magical Scientist...
<< Anonymous(Datty)
Datty Reply
Shared Ride has the same type of art design - banned cards licking their wounds. At least Konami are self-aware.
I've got this shitty card 3 times already fml
<< Anonymous(Amphetamines )
Anonymous Reply
At least you've gotten 3 Supers. All I've gotten is a Dark Spirit of the Silent. In fact, of the 10 or so Bakura cards I've had so far, the only new one I've gotten is 1 copy of the OTHER Tour Bus. >.>
<< Anonymous(Amphetamines )
Anonymous Reply
Vs level 40 bakura for better drops
<< Anonymous(Amphetamines )
Anonymous Reply
little do you know that lava golem has come in the game
Will this card ever show up again? It was the one card I couldn't get from Bakura no matter HOW I farmed him :(
A great draw engine for desert twister
Finally got the second prismatic of this baby after farming Bakura like crazy.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Such a nerd..
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
how do you farm him multiple time i can only fight him twice and then have to wait like 2 hours for 2 more
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
His spawn rate is good for me. He shows up more frequently than yugi. Yesterday he showed up like 7-8 times or maybe more. But his drop rate is quite shitty but still better than yugi's.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
it's making me dizzy. I would convert them into gold
Hate it that Bakura gives Dark Spirit of the Silent for 5x while I have 10 copy of it right now (other 5 copies were from the previous event of Bakura). I need this one. :(
I am still trying to farm one more of this card. I do have one copy of it but need another one. Sucks that Bakura give shitty rewards even in LVL 40.
Desert Twister last gamble got an upgrade
STILL trying to get this one.

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You're in luck. Some of the SR tickets they give away in Duel Quest does provide Wetlands
I wish they would respect my opinions.
I think if you fight against this using dino you have to substitute marella for double cyclone. U...
Thanks for sharing your deck and strategy. I think it will help other players understand how to f...
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