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update 11/01/2019

Obelisk the Tormentor

Obelisk the Tormentor


Requires 3 Tributes to Normal Summon (cannot be Normal Set). This card's Normal Summon cannot be negated. When Normal Summoned, cards and effects cannot be activated. Cannot be targeted by Spells, Traps, or card effects. Once per turn, during the End Phase, if this card was Special Summoned: Send it to the Graveyard. You can Tribute 2 monsters; destroy all monsters your opponent controls. This card cannot declare an attack the turn this effect is activated.

How to Get

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Other2nd Anniversary Campaign [UR]




  • Summon Cannot be negated.
  • Cannot be targeted by effects.
  • Effects cannot be activated in response to his summoning.
  • Can destroy all monsters on your opponent’s field.
  • High stats.


  • Difficult to summon.
  • Sends himself to the graveyard during the End Phase if you special summon him.
  • Destroying all your opponent’s monsters with his effect is costly.


  • Obelisk the Tormentor is still affected by card effects that do not target.
  • You can tribute Obelisk the Tormentor as one of the cost for activating his own effect.





Hot New Top
Fake god.
You do the will of another, you become a slave immediately.

This fella preaches inferiority complex. Read the Leviticus, this guy has less confidence than an orphan child.
<< Anonymous
Lord Amun Reply
My Egyptian Gods doesnt accept someone else to summon them except me, Those are not Egyptian Gods they are cards basic cards konami created like any monster for humans to summon them in able to gain access to them otherwise they might we killed any single mortal even you if even dare to play them in a duel only kings of egypt can control these cards And me The Creator of God monsters.
<< Anonymous
Lord Amun Reply
Marik and Kaiba managed to control Obelisk and Osiris beacuse kaiba was considered the prince of egypt and Marik almost defeated the pharaoh itself it was also considered "king marik" he was a manipulator of the shadow realm itself and he managed to control Ra even Bakura can control the Gods cuz he is The Darkness itself only beings who have supernatural powers and a past on Egypt can control God
<< Anonymous(Lord Amun)
Anonymous Reply
You forgot to mention you also need to be able to recite the specific ancient egyptian phrases to be able to control Ra.
someone got me with this in platinum running ojamas. shouts out.
Yugi Kaiba
Obelisk the "I Won't win any serious competitive duels if i build a deck around this card"
<< Anonymous(Yugi Kaiba)
PlayMaker Duel Links Reply
<< Anonymous(PlayMaker Duel Links)
Griff Reply
Yo PlayMaker! If this actually is you, love your vids man!
<< Anonymous(Yugi Kaiba)
Anonymous Reply
Obelisk the "anime plot armor"
Its easily affected by widespread ruin, cards like mirror force wall of disruption and the Amazoness Trap card
I was checking Kaiba lines video and I found that he had a line with Obelisk with something like "I activate Obelisk's effect, Titan Firestorm". That's different from his other "fist of fury" line.

So what does that titan Firestorm thing? Or we will get an Obliesk skill for Kaiba like the Ra and Slifer inspired by the anime?
<< Anonymous(el3mel)
Anonymous Reply
Obelisk has an effect where you van tribute 2 monsters to destroy all monsters on the field however you cant attack dueibg that turn.
How come that Darklord Desire can target Obelisk??
<< Anonymous(Vinnah)
ValleCula Reply
Likely because a The Sanctified Darklord had negated its effects.
<< Anonymous(ValleCula)
Vinnah Reply
Thank you. That makes sense ^^.
Samurai Killer
Why egyption card destroyed by trap effect that destroy a monster... Is there any bug or what. I spent all time having deck to sumon them but i surprized there is many card that can effected on it.!?
<< Anonymous(Hassan )
Anonymous Reply
Did it target? If not then that's why it worked.

Some traps target some don't. Widespread ruin for instance will get rid of Obelisk as that destroys the highest attack monster but doesn't target.

Treacherous Trap Hole won't destroy it though, as that requires a target.

It's all there in the card description.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Thatsa exactly what happened but still 🔥 and noisy lol

A cheat way to have 3 Egyptian god card on the field.
This card slaughters Dino because Survival’s End and Canadia can’t do crap to it.
the best god card ever koaki and dino cannot 🔥 but weakness always brick xD
Furries are ok to summon him, but MPB Tokens will always be better.

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This card is not bugged. Are you sure that it was a Rock type and you controlled a face-up field ...
F2p Player A have 20k gems and spent them on Nephthys & Fire King. F2p Player B have 20k gem...
I made a similar mistake when trying to get Power of the Guardians. You're not alone. XD
So it's a typo on this page? thx
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