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update 11/01/2019


Obelisk the Tormentor is nearly upon us. The last and arguably most anticipated of the three Egyptian God Cards will soon be introduced into the game, but will it manage to make an impact on the current meta? Well, Summoning Obelisk is definitely no easy task, but it also can’t be denied that it is a really powerful card.

4000 ATK and DEF are nothing to scoff at, especially when combined with an immunity to targeting effects, so here are a few ideas on how you can run this Divine Beast.

Junk Synchron Version

Example Deck

Obelisk the TormentorSphere KuribohSphere KuribohSphere KuribohJunk SynchronJunk Synchron
Junk SynchronJunk ForwardJunk ForwardJunk ForwardDouble SummonDouble Summon
Enemy ControllerEnemy ControllerPaleozoic CanadiaPaleozoic CanadiaPaleozoic CanadiaPaleozoic Hallucigenia
Paleozoic HallucigeniaPaleozoic Hallucigenia----
HTS PsyhemuthJunk DestroyerArmades, Keeper of BoundariesArmades, Keeper of BoundariesArmades, Keeper of Boundaries-

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
What Grows in the Graveyard
Begin the Duel with 1 "Dark Verger" in your Graveyard.
Akiza Izinski
Akiza Izinski

How to Use

Junk Synchron & Junk Forward

You can Normal Summon Junk Synchron, Special Summon Dark Verger (What Grows in the Graveyard) from your Graveyard via its effect and then Special Summon Armades, Keeper of Boundaries or you can Special Summon Junk Forward from your hand, Normal Summon Junk Synchron, Special Summon Dark Verger from the Graveyard and then Special Summon HTS Psyhemuth (Junk Synchron + Junk Forward) or Junk Destroyer (Junk Synchron + Junk Forward + Dark Verger). If you Summon Junk Destroyer this way, you will get to destroy up to two cards on the field.

If you have Double Summon available, the combination of Junk Forward and Junk Synchron can also lead into Obelisk the Tormentor. Normally using so many cards to Summon a single monster would be considered a waste, you would likely leave yourself completely open after this play, but with Obelisk it’s sort of different: this card’s immunity to targeting effects prevents your opponent from taking control of it with an Enemy Controller or from destroying it with a Koa'ki Meiru Maximus or a Vampire Kingdom.

Paleozoic Canadia & Paleozoic Hallucigenia

Both Paleozoic Canadia and Paleozoic Hallucigenia work particularly well with Armades, they can be used after the Level 5 Synchro has declared an attack to prevent your opponent from responding to them, but another thing that is worth mentioning is the fact that they can provide Tribute Material for Obelisk after they have been activated.

Additional Notes


[Skill] description (After 24 Jan)User
KaibaCorp Bling
Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 1000. Randomly draw a Glossy/Prismatic card from your deck.
Mokuba Kaiba
Mokuba Kaiba

The change has undeniably improved this Skill, making it quite easy to trigger. Cosmic Cyclone could be an interesting card to use in combination with this Skill now, but, since Obelisk doesn’t really have to worry about backrow thanks to its effect, it would be kind of redundant.

[Skill] descriptionUser
What Grows in the Graveyard
Begin the Duel with 1 "Dark Verger" in your Graveyard.
Akiza Izinski
Akiza Izinski

This is the only Skill I would advise running with the second version of the deck, as it pretty much turns Junk Synchron into an automatic Armades, Keeper of Boundaries.

[Skill] descriptionUser
Last Gamble
Can be used in your Main Phase, starting from the fifth turn. Upon activation, reduces your LP to 100 and discards 2 cards from your hand. You roll a die and draw that number of cards. This skill can only be used once per Duel.
Joey Wheeler
Joey Wheeler

If you are going for a huge combination of cards, then Last Gamble is generally a great Skill, but surviving until your 3rd Turn can be quite hard with Koa'ki Meiru, Karakuri and Masked HERO decks around.


  • Kaiba Corp Bling is still pretty slow as a Skill, it still substitutes your draw rather than just adding the card to your hand or giving you the option of shuffling something back into the Deck for it like Reinforcement.
  • If any of your cards are Glossy or Prismatic, your chances of drawing Obelisk will be drastically reduced.
  • Both decks aren’t really able to Summon Obelisk so consistently: the first one uses the Egyptian God Card as its only winning condition, whereas the second one can function without it.


Hot New Top
Anonymous 3days ago
Y'all be slapping junk synchrons everywhere damn
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Why not ? It IS a good card useful for many decks.
Red Eyes 18hour ago
I have an idea with Ra's disciples, D-Boyz, and some mecha phantom beasts.Arrival arrivals and Destiny Draw with some def traps. Also another idea with hardened armed dragon making obelisk almost invincible, although cant figure a consistent deck with this, maybe Blue Eyes?
Karl- 2days ago
it can be targetted by spell cards. fix this komani.
<< Anonymous(Karl-)
Netherealm 1days ago Reply
konami made him vulnerable to magic cards and traps, the effect of obelisk the tormentor is just decoration
<< Anonymous(Netherealm )
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
No, it works fine. You people need to understand when a card does target and when it doesn't..
<< Anonymous(Karl-)
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
You're the foolish one here, Dragoroar doesn't target lol.

Just like Spellbook of Fate, if the card doesn't specifically says "select/target", then it does not target, even if only 1 card is affected.
<< Anonymous(Karl-)
Anonymous 20hour ago Reply
Konami could have made Obelisk with "un effected by spell/traps or cards effects"
Anonymous 1days ago
Seriously, Game is obsessed with Junk Synchron and Armades. They add both to anything, even if does not work for the strategy
Anonymous 1days ago
1. Make a deck with Obelisk
2. Go pvp and summon Obelisk
3. Get destroyed by damn *mirror wall* 2 times in a row,

*tears in your eyes*
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Add Jinzo with psychic shockwave and problem solved
Anonymous 2days ago
I use union deck with Obelsik
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Anonymous 2days ago
you can change the double summon with arrivalrivals and add 2 copies of the monarchs awakens to make it an invicible beater
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
monarch awaken cannot target obelisk.
Dosh 3days ago
"If any of your cards are Glossy or Prismatic, your chances of drawing Obelisk will be drastically reduced."

I don't get that at all? Can someone explain me the reason?
<< Anonymous(Dosh)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
<< Anonymous(Dosh)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
if u use the kaibacorpbling skill, you can draw any glossy/prismatic card from your deck, Obelisk is prismatic so you can draw it, but if you have another glossy/prism. you will draw one of those instead obelisk.
Konami 5days ago
We printed Arrivalrivals for those who can't afford Double Summon. Also, it opens up a lot of combos. So why not use it instead?

Thank you for playing "Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links"!
<< Anonymous(Konami)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
use card advance way better
Anonymous 3days ago
Hypothetical question.

Say my opponent has umi, ssa and the whale on the field and nothing else. If i summon obelisk and attack, which monster gets destroyed?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Obelisk. SSA doesn't target
Anonymous 4days ago
Just use fure hire
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
fure hire = bored
İt's my Deck obelisk 4days ago
Deck shared! #DuelLinks

<< Anonymous(İt's my Deck obelisk)
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
if Pic not seen


Ra disciplle 3x
Deep diver 3x
Crystal seer 3x


Doouble summon 2x
Shard of greed 2x


Paleozoic Canadia 2x
Floodggate trap hole 1x
Wall of disrupttionn 1x

Swap mirrorer
quantum cat
(You can select another trap/monster if you haven't)

Commens and feedback




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Replay shared! #DuelLinks
And this card plus TTH is why I don't like to have more than 1 monster on the field at a tim...
this will be next card on the limited list
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