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What's deck to beat sector security up to 5000 score?
I used an ojama grind deck. you can't synchro summon anything if you only have one monster zone.
<< Anonymous
What's the list of your deck?
I used an Aromage-Ra Deck
Put a H-Heated Heart in for piercing and made sure to be able to block traps for Ra attack
<< Anonymous(Isyokan)
Heated Heart for Ra is actually an interesting idea, that way I don't have to bait the opponent into summoning a monster in attack position when farming.
I ended up using an Ancient Gear deck with Yusei's mark ability, at first i thought i was having problems, but it turns out i mistook Handsome Dan for Sector Security
i use a deck with a god card gets over 5000 everytime i use the deck in 5ds world
I just used a Cerberus farming deck on him when he spawned with a deck that didn't have a defense against it, to get a high DA.
I used blue eyes ultimate dragon and destroyed his monsters until he had none left, made the ATK of the fusion monster stronger with blustering wind and yusei’s tie that binds skill and made a direct attack of at least 7000 damage . With trap and glossy cards inbetween & destroying more than 10 monsters and a comeback I had more than 5000 assessment. Depends how strong his deck is too.
I use a dragunity deck and use a synchro summon monster with a bunch of equip spells on it that increase its attack points
honestly just use a deck that's filled with synchro and fusion and activate lots traps and spells, and just destroy monsters. that's what i did and I easily got 6000, without the score boost crystal
Summoned Osiris. Then attacked with 6000 ATK.
Used a BE Cosmo Brain deck.
I used subterror with the gravekeeper monster and union attack


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Especially for Blue Eyes and Noble Knight
lol cubic deck is a combination from alien A deck and burn deck. negated monster effect, prevent ...
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best of the top 5 of the rank 4 in game right now?
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