Akiza Izinski

I just said I thought she'd be the most visited page of 5Ds, and then 25+ comments and then all got erased...
even my earlier one-liner comment to this post "that's gamea mod for you XD" got deleted! lol

I expect this comment to be deleted as well. I love you mods. :)
<< Anonymous
They did it because 2-3 imbeciles were spamming porn ^^
<< Anonymous
Well, not just they do it because of porn.
I noticed they delete post of people who maliciously try to bury another posts who do only share decks. This comment section is filled with very malicious people, I can tell. I hope they disable it someday in a not too distant future.
But they keep erasing regular comments that aren't porn, nor 🔥s or whatever. I really want to know why.


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Not entirely superior, has 0 DEF
I love this useful card.
Yep, it only says "other" without mentioning name, so having another copy of this card ...
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