Akiza Izinski

I just said I thought she'd be the most visited page of 5Ds, and then 25+ comments and then all got erased...
even my earlier one-liner comment to this post "that's gamea mod for you XD" got deleted! lol

I expect this comment to be deleted as well. I love you mods. :)
<< Anonymous
They did it because 2-3 imbeciles were spamming porn ^^
<< Anonymous
Well, not just they do it because of porn.
I noticed they delete post of people who maliciously try to bury another posts who do only share decks. This comment section is filled with very malicious people, I can tell. I hope they disable it someday in a not too distant future.
But they keep erasing regular comments that aren't porn, nor 🔥s or whatever. I really want to know why.


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I got a bunch of them now. But now I need to reset the box one more time to get the third deneb a...
and the opponent will just watch until you combo?in your these xyz monsters are trash
ok einstein how do you play through it?without br wait for opp to strenhten?or attack...
The only question I have is why are bronk and Yumas voice not the same as in the anime where as t...
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