Mark of the Dragon - Foot (Skill)

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update 20/09/2018

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At the beginning of the Duel, add 2 "Copy Plant" to your deck, and 1 "Black Rose Dragon" to your Extra deck.



I had the Lvl 1 Copy Plant tuner & Lvl 6 Aromage Bergamot, yet it wouldn’t let me summon Black Rose Dragon! Is that a bug?
<< Anonymous(Confused)
Anonymous Reply
We need to know more about the duel, like what other cards are on the field, and were you dueling Vagabond or not.

Also, you did try to click on the Extra Deck, right?
This ability is dumb imo. You add 2 of a tuner that specializes in summoning even-Leveled Synchros and then it gives you Black Rose: a Sync-7. Has anyone been able to come up with anything that makes this ability somewhat coherent?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply

But they do this so that our deck will suffer. If we want black rose, we will need to do something with the 2 copy plant in our deck as well.

Might need to use a level 6 monster that can SS easily like D Hero Malicious then summon copy plant (no need use its effect). That's all I can think for now.
<< Anonymous
The obvious guy Reply
Have you ever played Aromage? Very consistent summons indeed
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Dump Rose Lover in the GY, use its effect to SS based Gigaplant, then normal summon Gigaplant and use its effect the way you want. Gets Red Rose out pretty quickly in an Aromage deck.
<< Anonymous(The obvious guy)
This Guy Reply
What he said
hmm .. to introduce synchro .. they gonna add skill that "add tuners to the deck"
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
*shrug* It's one way to get around the fact there'll probably only be a couple of dozen Tuners available at the start, if that. I dislike that every single character seems to have one, though.

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Look at that man ! BROKEN CARD ! WTF... FTK seems very possible.
As long as you have a brain. You can defeat Metaphys with this deck.
Phantom's Hand is a really good skill
I'm starting to think this website is some kind of trap. Or that the spammer is a serious cr...
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