How to beat/farm Tea Gardner Lvl 40

This deck has been 100% for me against Tea and it always gets a 8K score. It can be used with or without a skill. It's pretty self explanatory. The only reason half shut is in here is for the prismatic bonus. Also the ritual monster can be changed out for whatever you like. But considering she can get around 14000LP's, you should make sure it has a high ATK. P.S. Im sure most of you already know but this deck works on quite a few other LD's with a little bit of tweaking.
Its really works against Tea. Thanks!
<< Anonymous(noob)
Not like you need much to beat Tea either way. Summon a monster with more than 2600 ATK (or DEF I guess) and she can't win. Then you just need a method that can win through more than 4k LP, which most can.
May i know the names of those cards? Im not really that good at recognizing those... thanks
<< Anonymous(Criminalzone)
The Masked Beast, Silent Magician Lv8, Silent Magician Lv4, Gravekeeper's Vassal, Crystal Seer, Half Shut, Union Attack, Shard of Greed, the ritual spell for the Masked Beast, Level Up!, Magical Mallet, Secret Pass to Treasure, Jar of Greed.



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Nice, more irrelevant trashy dm characters. when fubiki, amon, o'brien and jim?
Kazuki is leyendary!
but it was strings who dueled and marik never had an on screen duel
Look at my Dark Valkyria. She has a two counters and one is a gift from her friend Endymion. My G...
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