How to beat/farm Tea Gardner Lvl 40

Anybody can tell me ! Why i can't Direct Attack ? I using Gravekeeper Vassal & Union Attack but still can't Direct Attack like another player ? Thanks #Newbie
You need to use Secret Pass to the Treasures
Read the cards that you are using. Union Attack just combines attack (but cant do battle dmg) and vassal just does effect damage. There is something missing.
Same here. Everytime face this problem, attack directly = attack set monster. KOnami force us to do that =.=
Even secret pass activated, always click monster instead of direct attack,sad .
<< Anonymous
Yeah, the arrow targeting system is flawed, it's too easy to slip and accidentally click on a monster or the wrong monster.

I once complained about it in a survey, but I'm just a single person, I doubt they even read what I wrote....



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