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update 03/09/2017

Vylon Ohm

Vylon Ohm
Monster TypeFairy
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeTrigger Effect
SupportsEquip Spell Card


If this card is Normal Summoned: Target 1 Equip Spell Card in your Graveyard; banish that target, and if you do, add it to your hand during your next Standby Phase.

How to Get

PackUltimate Rising
Level-up reward
Victory against--
Card trader--


How to GetRarity
Pack: Ultimate RisingR


The card will work well if your deck has many equip cards.


ActionsAdds from Banished Zone to hand
Banished categoriesBanishes from your Graveyard

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The only Vylon that has been in the game since the start XD
I wonder if this card can work in an NK deck....though, it's not like NK deck needs this card.
The equip card doesn't go back into your hand if your Vylon Ohm dies when the equip is in the banish state. Kind of the downside to this card.
<< Anonymous(Anoymous)
Edgar81539 Reply
Don't lie. I've already used the card and it's not required to be make-up to add the equip.
The pro of this card is having an attack option + equip recovery, but one might lose lp from normal summoning that way coz of its low stat.
Well this card is certainly have potential. I can be used to recycle equip card that benefits from destruction such as big bang shot when it is equipped to opponent card. Can see a potential deck centering this card...
Except when i have equip spells in my graveyard and by normal summoning vylon ohm, nothing happens. I didn't get to choose the equip spell to add to my hand. Nothing.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The effect is not working only when the equip spells were send to graveyard by tributing monsters with the equip spells.
I don know how to use this card effect.can u help me
<< Anonymous(tom)
Darb101 Reply
Okay; So you have an Equip Spell in your graveyard, like a "Silver Bow and Arrow", and you have "Vylon Ohm" in your hand. You summon "Vylon Ohm" and then you can choose that "Silver Bow and Arrow" from the graveyard, and then in your next turn, you gain that equip spell in your hand! Pretty cool right?! ^.^
<< Anonymous(tom)
tom Reply
heh!thank for helping:)
what is your name in this game?i wanna to be your friend

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I think that's been true with most of the events this year. Jack Atlas' event sucked too.
This card is pretty a Pendulum counter. So, it's almost useless in DL.
Dang, I don't have any of these cards. Anyone know which box you get Lucky Me Pasta from?
I am using the Ra deck but with a copy of Double Summon. I had them take control of one of my mon...
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