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update 06/03/2017

Power Capsule

Power Capsule
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeCard effect
ArchetypesKonami Arcade Games
Related to ArchetypesB.E.S.


Select 1 face-up "Victory Viper XX03" on your side of the field to activate this card. Select 1 effect of "Victory Viper XX03", and apply the effect as this card's effect.

How to get / Rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card traderTradable [N]
[Required trader items]
  • Stone of Spell x2
  • 5000 Gold




  • It has 3 types of effects and 1 to choose from these 3, which has good versatility.


  • Very dependent on Victory Viper XX03 as it cannot be activated unless Victory Viper XX03 is on the field.





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Does this power up Victory by an additional 400 each monster killed or do you have to select one of the other two effects?
<< Anonymous
Edgar81539 Reply
It does exactly what it says. You can activate one of Victory Viper XX03 effects without destroying a monster. So if you were to activate the first effect and destroy a monster with the 1600 attack Victory Viper it would gain an additional 400 attack a la Millenium Scorpion.
After 1 powerup and 9 destroyed monsters, 1 Reyuk, 1 Parana army and the token it naturall spawn + this spells ability to destroy set spell and traps + fields. that's 9999+ damage. new farming deck.
<< Anonymous
Sadach Reply
2 reyuks
Jun Meow
I'm calling it now! New farmer!
<< Anonymous(Jun Meow)
Anonymous Reply
What about no?
Starting from 1200 and gain only 400 is too low for being a good farmer.
<< Anonymous(Jun Meow)
sphreeze Reply
i like it seeing as you can also special the token and use metal morph on this card making it and the token a decent 1700 att
<< Anonymous(Jun Meow)
Anonymous Reply
I think it might be a good farming card.
once it got 2400 (trigger its effect 3 times or other cards increasing its atk), and summon one duplicate with the magic card.
you can easily reach 9999+ damage with Vassal + 2 union attack combo.
<< Anonymous(Jun Meow)
Anonymous Reply
yes it is slower compared to millenium scorpion but see its 3rd effect, the option. it is basically times 2 or 3 of all the attack it accumulated. someone with a brain can make good use of that

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I hope they add more worlds to duel links that would be cool
fabled, any light deck, use your imagination...
I got it pretty early in the box, pulled about 2 UR every 10 packs too.
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