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update 18/02/2017

Peeking Goblin

Peeking Goblin
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeCard effect


Your opponent reveals the top 3 cards of their Deck. Choose one to place on the bottom of the Deck and place the other two on top of the Deck in any order.

How to get / Rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory againstYami Bakura Lv30/40 [SR]
Card trader--




  • Able to see their next 3 cards.
  • Controls what your opponent gets for their next 3 cards.


  • Your opponent can see the cards and the arrangements as well.


  • Conscription to take control of your opponent's monster. It can be used during battle phase to attack immediately.



ActionsPick up a card / Excavates / Places excavated cards on the top of the Deck / Places excavated cards on the bottom of the Deck / Changes Deck order

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People say this card is good or this card is alright but I definitely don't see the appeal in it. Yes you get knowledge, yes you get to rearrange your opponent's next draw but this card isn't that good in my opinion because it is still a -1 as it doesn't give you advantage unless you're playing maybe a weevil deck or something. It provides nothing really

<< Anonymous(>)))
iazjoza Reply
I agree, in a game with 20 cards (and 3 cards of most importants cards in all decks) having information is not as good. This card is good in combo with others cards, lke conscription
<< Anonymous(>)))
PsyVenture Reply
Exactly! What don't understand is why it is SR.
<< Anonymous(>)))
Anonymous Reply
It's basically because you control the next draw of your opponent.
<< Anonymous(>)))
Lathryn Reply
It's all about controlling your opponent. Take in a scenario where your opponent has no monsters on the field, nor the hand. Using this card can secure your win by causing a dead draw (e.g.: Forcing your opponent to draw spells/traps instead of a comeback monster).
This + Conscription?
<< Anonymous(Yami)
Ldfarmer Reply
King Halo had some good results with his exchange deck. It's here on the forum. Check it out.
I ran a tweaked version a while ago. Went solid until plat 1. Had to re-adjust from there.
Any replacements, spell wise for this one?
omfg they removed this card I JUST WANTED THIS CARD
This card has been taken out of the reward pool, how do we obtain it now?
I used 999+ dice two separate occasions, playing no one but Lv40 Bakura and only got this card 1 time!
I think it's a good card. Sphere Kuribo going to the bottom of the deck IMO
is this card good i got 2 already
I will banish the writer to the shadow realm

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OMG Chimratch Overdragon is in game!! So busted :D
Really? Vampire needs a seriuos nerf and they will be nerfed after kc cup.
I hope Konami never release this card, but if they "have" to bring it than please only ...
not with an otk us in turn 2nd hell no
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