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The Winged Dragon of Ra

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Des Counterblow

Magician of Black ChaosGravekeeper's VassalUnion AttackUnion AttackSupremacy BerrySupremacy Berry
Ritual ForegoneSecret Pass to the TreasuresDraining ShieldDraining ShieldWild TornadoWild Tornado
The Golden ApplesThe Golden ApplesDes CounterblowNutrient ZNutrient ZEnchanted Javelin
Enchanted JavelinEnchanted Javelin----
  • Using Yami Yugi's exclusive skill "Destiny Draw", you can effectively farm Bakura at lvl 40 using this deck.
  • Set and use your healing traps for when Bakura summons his higher attack monsters, or when you are low.
  • Prioritize on getting Des Counterblow for your first Destiny Draw.
  • Once you get Des Counterblow, set and activate it right away during Bakura's turn. This will make him not attack you with all of his monsters unless their total attack is more than your LP, which can help you pass some turns and draw into more cards.
  • Use Destiny Draw to pick up Wild Tornado if you already have high LP, or have plenty of heal spell/trap cards. It's used to destroy his Burning Land or Ectoplasmer.
  • Because of his Sangan and Doomdog Octhros, he will always have less cards in the deck than you. So make sure that you use Destiny Draw to pickup your important combo cards for the last turn.
  • On the last turn, Use Ritual Foregone to special summon Magician of Black Chaos and normal summon Gravekeeper's Vassal. Use double Union Attack and Secret Pass to the Treasures on Vassal and attack directly to end the duel.

Lvl 40 Yami Bakura's deck (Gate)

Skill: No skill



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M0tionless 20days ago
Is it just me or is this deck not consistent?
Zanketsu 22days ago
This is the most effective deck i tried so far.
the key play of playing this deck is fusion ojama as fast as u can, or if u can't u can stall with lab wall and set cursed forbidden.
<< Anonymous(Zanketsu)
Anonymous 22days ago Reply
lol the pic is so small xD
<< Anonymous(Zanketsu)
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
Is the second card in from the left on the second row twister? Can't really see
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
It's magic arrows. To prevent opponent from using spells/traps during the battle phase.
DankMemes 23days ago
Here's my way to farm Bakura. Should help you all. The trick is to not cause damage by using econ and getting lv6 out asap. Keep sending set cards back to hand. Use gaia field spell for over 10k. Then after both unions use twister for 500 lp to destroy it for comeback victory (if needed) you can replace typhoon with another level up if you want but this worked best for me.
<< Anonymous(DankMemes)
DankMemes 23days ago Reply
This was actually a no damage victory since I used a twister on his Ectoplasmer. But still over 8k score without the bonus.
<< Anonymous(DankMemes)
Anonymous 22days ago Reply
i dont understand why it works so well but it just does. the card ratio should mean i brick way more times but rng loves me today
<< Anonymous
PhilosophicalPsycho 22days ago Reply
I've been trying this. It has not been working at all.

I'll try using a different ratio of cards and report again later.
<< Anonymous(PhilosophicalPsycho)
PhilosophicalPsycho 22days ago Reply
Changed my ratio a little bit to include more position-changing cards and monsters, less Level Up and spell destruction.

Is slightly more consistent. Still lost more than I won, but that could be attributed to inexperience with using a weird deck. I got my last Dark Necrofear for my constant losing so I retired without trying that many times.
Zanketsu 22days ago
Here's the proof
Anonymous 25days ago
Is bakura permanent now in gate? answer fast pls
<< Anonymous
Kaibaman 24days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 24days ago Reply
Are you mentally sick?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 24days ago Reply
Read the Announcement, silly son of a whore
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 22days ago Reply
U're a whore not me
prtrickz 23days ago
deck suggestions pls!?
RishavR72 27days ago
Use this deck.
<< Anonymous(RishavR72)
Mah Boi 25days ago Reply
I would recommend using 3 Gravity Blasters, because they negate Man-Eater Bug's effect. They will also boost your AGs' attack, only needing 1 copy of Union Attack to deal 10000 or more damage.
<< Anonymous(Mah Boi)
RishavR72 25days ago Reply
i know... but i dont have them...
<< Anonymous
RishavR72 25days ago Reply
<< Anonymous(RishavR72)
Anonymous 25days ago Reply
Good idea.. Will test this out
Anonymous 25days ago
You can use the same Hazy deck against Bonz lvl 40 for Yami Bakura lvl 40
Anonymous 28days ago
Didn’t farm but thanks for the drops :)

<< Anonymous
Anonymous 25days ago Reply
Do u know what sarcasm is u cynical fuck?
<< Anonymous
Galaxy-Eyes Photon 25days ago Reply
Luckiest drop ever. Damn.
<< Anonymous(Galaxy-Eyes Photon)
Lesbios 25days ago Reply
lair it's just photoshop?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 25days ago Reply
I think he was saying the dark necrofears were good drops. holy you guys need to chill out.
Anonymous 29days ago
Hazy deck ruins this guy. Easy farming.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 28days ago Reply
How? He can't target Shpynx with card effect
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 28days ago Reply
Ectoplasmer doesn't target
<< Anonymous
Bakura 28days ago Reply
wtf? think twice. hazy can't beat bakura
<< Anonymous(Bakura)
Anonymous 25days ago Reply
Bakura only use ecto plasmer if he have 2 or more monster on the field, use ur hazyflame monsters to destroy every monster he sets until ur sphinx got enough damage to finish it off
Anonymous 26days ago
Anonymous 26days ago
Oh my gosh... I didn't get a single Dark Necrofear from farming this guy. 1.8k black keys with a constant 4k-8k points win and still nothing.
<< Anonymous
Mirae 26days ago Reply
It's funny, I spend around 2k+ black keys and get 3 Necrofear, but mostly only 1-2 copies of other SRs rewards. Also Bonz doesn't get any drop skill from that 2k keys spend.

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