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update 13/03/2017

Pumpking the King of Ghosts

Pumpking the King of Ghosts
Monster TypeZombie
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeContinuous Effect


If "Castle of Dark Illusions" is face-up on the field, increase the ATK and DEF of this card by 100 points. As long as this "Castle of Dark Illusions" remains face-up on the field, the ATK and DEF of this card continues to increase by 100 points during each of your Standby Phases. This effect continues until your 4th turn after the card is activated.

How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory againstBonz Lvl 30 & 40 [UR]
Card trader--
OtherRanked Rewards [UR]




  • Synergy with Castle of Dark Illusions enables it to increase ATK and DEF over the course of 4 standby turns.
  • Can be Special summoned with Call of the Mummy effect.


  • Reliant on Castle of Dark Illusions to trigger its effect.
  • Average ATK and DEF stats for level 6 monster.

Tips, Related Cards, Rulings


  • This card is an essential support for Pumpking, pretty much the only card that can trigger Pumpking’s effect.

Single Tribute resources

  • Treeborn Frog can easily be used as tribute to summon this card.
  • A slower but viable option is using Amarylease effect from the graveyard to Tribute summon Pumpking without needing a tribute.

Tribute opponents’ monsters with spells

  • Use Soul Exchange to use your opponent's monster as tribute.
  • You can also use Enemy Controller tribute effect to use your opponent’s monster as tribute.

Summon using effects

  • Can special summon Pumpking via its effect, from either player’s graveyard or your hand.
  • Can special summon Pumpking from the graveyard via its effect.
  • Can special summon Pumpking provided you do not control any monsters on the field.
  • Gozuki’s effect banishes another zombie-type monster in the graveyard to special summon Pumpking from your hand.




Stat changesThis card gains ATK / This card gains DEF


Hot New Top
This card should not be an UR at this point in the game...
<< Anonymous(PK)
PK Reply
Whoa, dude. We're using the same name :)
<< Anonymous(PK)
PK Reply
and I agree with you. This card should be SR instead of UR, just like his Princess.
<< Anonymous(PK)
Anonymous Reply
I thought it was his daughter?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
well, a princess is a king's daughter anyway
this card would be good if bonz actually dropped it. i only have the 1 from getting like 10 wins
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This is how you know drop rates suck because you have one and I have 6 but I haven't gotten that continuous spell card once
<< Anonymous
Anonyboy Reply
The drop RATE is fine. It's just bad luck when it comes to not getting the cards you want.
<< Anonymous(Anonyboy)
Anonymous Reply
what it is is konami putting UR and SR in rainbow packs last i checked SR was gold
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Lol i had 5 of them from previous event, dropped one today and when i unlocked him i got the 7th pumpking. Wish i could get the 2nd ghostrick witch tho
Hopefully Bonz will be obtainable someday, and he'll have a really good skill to make this viable. Or, it'll be another Moth to the Flame.
loved this card, can be used in a deck with princess, king, castle, balloons, dog marlon. I LOVE TROLL DECKS <3
This card would be decent if they released it when duellinks was released. Now, power creep has made it unplayable
I use this card to beat Cyber Dakini. Thanks SRH.
I see a lot of hate for this card, but honestly I have lost to bonz with some of my best decks because of how it runs. Not only does this combo well with Castle of Illusions, boosting its attack to obscene levels if unchecked, the true terror is his daughter, Pumprincess the princess of ghosts, which lowers all opponents monsters attack during every standby phase. If you get the illusions combo and the Pumprincess combo off, You will always be growing in power while your opponents monsters cant do anything to stop the onslaught. Heck, I almost lost a duel because my Meteor B. Dragon was a puny 1600 attack thanks to all the counters on the field. And that monster was originally 3500! Really looking forward to see Bonz's skills to get these combos working.
<< Anonymous(Bleck)
Anonymous Reply
never lost once, you must be really noob
Worst UR card for an event roaming duelist so far.
Here's why:
1. In order to get even stronger it needs castle of dark illusions (CODI) to be present.
2. It can only "grow" so big.
3. After getting the bonus 100 atk power from CODI, it can get 400 extra power after 4 long grueling turns, and it has to stay on the field to retain this bonus. In total, it can shoot up to 2300 atk.
4. 2300 atk is piss poor compare to many of the level 5 and 6 monsters that are already 2400 and up being summoned and not requiring many turns to power up. Ryu Kokki, a card that can also be gotten from a bonz drop is only an SR, not UR, and has the same attribute and type and is 2400 AND has an extra effect of destroying certain types.

Sh1tty card for a high rarity, does not deserve to be UR. Konami fauked up. Ryu Kokki should've been UR, not this garbage. I understand the pumpking is an iconic card for Bonz but there have been many cards for other even roaming duelists that aren't iconic and are UR. Mai's Vennu Bright Bird of Divinity doesn't even make any sense and is a UR. So goes to show you konami did indeed fauk up.
<< Anonymous
Anonyboy Reply
Shhhh. Just because it's bad doesn't mean it can't be fun. Besides, there are counters to do. I'm also not suggesting it's practical, but hey, the hilarity factor would make it worth it... kind of like when you beat CAs with Ghostricks.
<< Anonymous(Sigma)
Anonymous Reply
Although it's pretty bad on its own it's still playable because of how good the support is. You'd be better off using just about anything else though. My guess is Bonz will have a skill that will make this card actually viable.
<< Anonymous(Sigma)
Anonymous Reply
Vennu is pretty good and has many tactics (posessed soul, advance draw + mecha phantombeast, e con take, 8 star tributes etc.).

Pumpking on the other hand IS a pretty bad UR but there are many bad URs just because there signature cards like insect queen (only non UR signature card is gate guardian)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Insect Queen is a good card because it will allow to destroy your monster against lockdown decks.
I gotten 8 of this 🔥 god damn it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
i know i drop more easily this crap than the ghosthricks 🔥
Cyber Angel Lover
One of the best UR cards. Much better than Dark Magician and Neos.
<< Anonymous(Cyber Angel Lover)
Anonymous Reply
Is it better than Neos? I think you don't know Rainbow Neos.
<< Anonymous(Cyber Angel Lover)
Anonymous Reply
Dark Magician and Neos are far better thanks to the vanilla support they get (but even if Pumpking didn't have an effect, Dark Magician and Neos would still be better, since they benefit far more from stuff such as Ancient Rules and Birthright)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Maybe sarcasm?
u know there are worse ur than this card, it called five garbage dragon
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Until Dragon's Mirror gets released
Oh. I wanna that card! It will fit my pumprincess. The most important thing about dueling is style. If you have no style then you have already lost. No matter your ranking. That's why each duelist has its own card theme.
<< Anonymous(Abdou)
W I N G E D Reply
Also, of course they are good. They are meant to be the easiest, most efficient cards. Meta is easy to make use of, and easy to win with. Thats the point.
<< Anonymous(Abdou)
You like meta? Well thats you. You like competitive? Well he like playing the game. No one asked for your opinion, alright?
<< Anonymous(IDGAF)
Anonymous Reply
anyone who says "no one asked for your opinion" is 🔥ing brain dead. never heard someone older than 14 say that 🔥
<< Anonymous(IDGAF)
Anonymous Reply
dafaq, we express our opinions whenever we like. you can't do anything to stop this.

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