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Selection Box Vol.03
update 13/03/2017

Pumpking the King of Ghosts

Pumpking the King of Ghosts
Monster TypeZombie
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeContinuous Effect


If "Castle of Dark Illusions" is face-up on the field, increase the ATK and DEF of this card by 100 points. As long as this "Castle of Dark Illusions" remains face-up on the field, the ATK and DEF of this card continues to increase by 100 points during each of your Standby Phases. This effect continues until your 4th turn after the card is activated.

How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory againstBonz Lvl 30 & 40 [UR]
Card trader--
OtherRanked Rewards [UR]




  • Synergy with Castle of Dark Illusions enables it to increase ATK and DEF over the course of 4 standby turns.
  • Can be Special summoned with Call of the Mummy effect.


  • Reliant on Castle of Dark Illusions to trigger its effect.
  • Average ATK and DEF stats for level 6 monster.

Tips, Related Cards, Rulings


  • This card is an essential support for Pumpking, pretty much the only card that can trigger Pumpking’s effect.

Single Tribute resources

  • Treeborn Frog can easily be used as tribute to summon this card.
  • A slower but viable option is using Amarylease effect from the graveyard to Tribute summon Pumpking without needing a tribute.

Tribute opponents’ monsters with spells

  • Use Soul Exchange to use your opponent's monster as tribute.
  • You can also use Enemy Controller tribute effect to use your opponent’s monster as tribute.

Summon using effects

  • Can special summon Pumpking via its effect, from either player’s graveyard or your hand.
  • Can special summon Pumpking from the graveyard via its effect.
  • Can special summon Pumpking provided you do not control any monsters on the field.
  • Gozuki’s effect banishes another zombie-type monster in the graveyard to special summon Pumpking from your hand.




Stat changesThis card gains ATK / This card gains DEF


Hot New Top
This is the ugliest DMoC EVER
This is the ugliest DMoC EVER
This card is 7 months too late, and even then it would’ve sucked. UR should’ve been Mezuki....
<< Anonymous(HarpieHaneboki)
Anonymous Reply
Mezuki would be a ur in a 400 pack box
<< Anonymous
HarpieHaneboki Reply
I can agree with that, but hey, with how much the games changing I wouldn’t have been surprised to see Mezuki as the event UR.
The only thing this card was ever good at was early game Forbidden Memories, thanks to the overflow of weak Zombies and Plants making this 1 of the easiest fusions to make.
too powerful. should be limited to 4
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You can only have 3 of a card in a deck...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That's the joke
Use his majesty with her royal highness(Pumpprincess)
or wonder ballon and the castle than you will get a power full monster in atk and def with the card that make you oppotent monster become weak.
Anonymous can you do with this? Hope to any gods to allow Castle and this to stay on board forever and expect them to never destroy Castle?
1/10 cannot be used in any deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
pumpking meta is coming you are going to be left out
Tao Pai Pai
The only good thing about this card is a sweet summoning animation.
<< Anonymous(Tao Pai Pai)
Anonymous Reply
and its ugly user
Hooray another 🔥ty card
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
atleast the worst card is the rarest card.
<< Anonymous
Guigeek Reply
Sometimes I won more UR cards than SR (Neos, Dark Magician, Darkflare Dragon instead of Kidmodo...)
Meh. I'm just looking forward the zombie world field spell... Zomibe Red Eyes will be the true zombie ace!

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Yep, Bubbleman + This is NOT working. This skill does NOT summon.
Yeah, those small stupid tournaments are totally a proof. NOT
Even the cover card for this box is a DM era card lmao
I'm amused that we're in 2020 and yet the UR ticket still has one of the worst selectio...
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