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Yami Marik event part 2 is live now!
update 27/11/2017


DateMid December

An "all new Duel-A-Thon" event will be held this coming mid December. It will most likely work similarly to the previous events. Simply duel against the CPUs to earn points to unlock certain rewards. Sometimes getting multiplier bonuses to speed up the process.

Amount of Duel Meter Filled

Standard Duelist(s)1510
The Vagabond2015
Legendary Duelist(s)2015
Ranked Duels2015

Unlockable character?

The reward is said to be an unlockable character and it's suspected to be Bonz. With images and skills already leaked before, Bonz was already prepared to be an unlockable character, and this event could be it, as hinted from the character quote shown on December plans announcement.


Possible rewards

These are some of the possible rewards, based on previous events, and anime/manga or other games.


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Anonymous 12days ago
Hey guys I want an event that LD s instead of SD s for a few days please write this down to konami from suggestions or surveys I think everybody will like it and for the ones who will see the mistakes I did in this text not the idea fuck you you fucking motherfuckers I'm still learning
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
This is incredibly painful to read. Where are you from? North Korea?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9hour ago Reply
Well thats some spirit. So when finished learning you will be ready to be fucked by those fucking motherfuckers. What are you learning?
Yu-Gi-Oh! Let's Duel 1days ago
Syrus Kaiser 13days ago
The hell? I still think Bonz is garbage. What's next? Serenity? Tristan, with no true UR card? I mean, his best card was Thunder Dragon. Or what about Duke, who's main monster, Orgoth, isn't even a card? Maybe they'll add in Grandpa. Not complaining, Exodia would be nice. How about Strings, the five card wonder who uses Slifer, Revival Jam, Card of Safe Return, Infinite Cards, and Jam Defender? Not too bad, actually. But Bonz? UGH, NO. He's so bad at dueling, I don't know why anyone would want him?
<< Anonymous(Syrus Kaiser)
Mah Boi 13days ago Reply
Sick meme bruh
<< Anonymous(Syrus Kaiser)
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
they should add shadi make his skill "millenium items" when take 1500 lp. draw 7 cards.
<< Anonymous(Syrus Kaiser)
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
I want Serenity as LD. Her skill could be Nii-Chan (Big Brother). When 3000 LP are lost, summon 3 Red Eyes Black Dragons. This skill can only be used once per duel.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
I am so glad none of you are balancing this game.
Anonymous 14days ago
Really? What's next? Joey's sister Serenity?
<< Anonymous
Little_Dooze 13days ago Reply
Tristan Taller should be next. "My Voice gives me super strength"
<< Anonymous(Little_Dooze)
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
Lol YGOTAS at its finest
<< Anonymous
U Need To Study More 12days ago Reply
She did duel his signature monster is guardian angel joan, seems like u didnt watch the anime
<< Anonymous(U Need To Study More)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
He was being sarcastic. He's implying that she was of no help to the duel...which is technically wrong as it was Joan that won the duel (plus the help of Tristan and Duke of course)
Anonymous 6days ago
What day will this Duel-A-Thon start?
Anonymous 13days ago
When did Bonz use Ancient Lamp? I only remember this card being used in Seto Kaiba's deck.
<< Anonymous
LukasLloydSyrusJace 13days ago Reply
He didn't. They're just including it in here because it seems like it belongs in Bonz' deck.
<< Anonymous
luil 12days ago Reply
and at arc-v
<< Anonymous(luil)
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
He didnt use Ancient Lamp. He used LaJinn and different lamps.
Anonymous 10days ago
isn´t this guy death (yami bakura send it to hell in the anime (jp) in US to the shadow realm)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
Deaf not death
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
His death, on the 4kids version it says was on shadow realm. but in original japanese they say he die.
Anonymous 10days ago
What points are needed to get Bonz?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
Duel against cpu to earn some point
Anonymous 12days ago
red-eyes zombie dragon able to ss ANYTHING it maybe use with monsters other than zombies
UFVKNP 12days ago
Why all the Bonz hate? It seems reasonable, even likely that he’s gonna end up having zombie-centric skills. Not only are there decent zombie cards in the game already, but he could potentially buff up the standard red-eyes deck, considering it’s got gozuki and red eyes zombie in it. He’s probably gonna be good, who gives a shit about his character?
Anonymous 13days ago
Everyone's complaining about Bonz and Im here eyeing that sweet Zombieworld skill. Just a bit more support before Zombies become top tier
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
They alreafy are
<< Anonymous
NMS 13days ago Reply
Red Eyes Zombie is gonna downright rape all the other decks with that skill. XD
<< Anonymous(NMS)
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
cosmic cyclone, twister, storm etc etc etc. says tribute summon, not special summon
Anonymous 12days ago
Bonz is here to buff zombies, which is good news.

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