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this card would be good if bonz actually dropped it. i only have the 1 from getting like 10 wins
i have 3 of this card, is easier to win than trap card and the castle of ilusions
This is how you know drop rates suck because you have one and I have 6 but I haven't gotten that continuous spell card once
<< Anonymous
The drop RATE is fine. It's just bad luck when it comes to not getting the cards you want.
<< Anonymous(Anonyboy)
what it is is konami putting UR and SR in rainbow packs last i checked SR was gold
Lol i had 5 of them from previous event, dropped one today and when i unlocked him i got the 7th pumpking. Wish i could get the 2nd ghostrick witch tho



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FACT. You can summon him with elemental hero grandmerge
I'm glad it's nothing I am interested in this time. Now I can focus on finishing my inv...
Limit this overpowered card. Shi En should NOT be as easy to summon as it is. Nerf the heck out o...
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