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update 15/01/2018


Evolving from the classic normal monster dino beatdown decks, Jurrac benefits from some dino support cards but also having their own effects that. Having more options other just having a high attack, Jurrac decks offer some versatility in handling a duel.

Jurrac TitanoJurrac GuaibaJurrac GuaibaJurrac GuaibaJurrac HerraJurrac Herra
Jurrac HerraJurrac StaurikoJurrac StaurikoJurrac PteraJurrac PteraJurrac Ptera
Fossil DigEnemy ControllerEnemy ControllerMirror WallWall of DisruptionWall of Disruption
Xing Zhen HuXing Zhen Hu

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Dinosaur Kingdom
Begin duel with the field spell "Jurassic World" activated.


How to use this deck


Because of Rex's exclusive skill giving you "Jurassic World" at the start of duels, your lower level monsters will already have decent attack, higher than most lower level monsters available. This can give you quite the easy and clear advantage early on.

  • Jurrac Guaiba: Using this as your primary monster, destroy your opponent's monster so you can special summon another Guaiba or a Stauriko. Ptera can be a good option too if you want to prepare against an attack, but it works better as a surprise.
  • Jurrac Herra: Seemingly a tricky summoning condition, but since position switching cards like Enemy Controller are common, you'll be able to special summon this quite often. But since it needs your monsters to be destroyed by battle, you might want to play more defensively if you want to special summon this, instead of attacking into your opponent's Mirror Wall or Super Rush Headlong.

Support monsters

These low level and attack monsters can be special summoned from Guaiba's effect if you want to set up some plays.

  • Jurrac Ptera: This can be a good card to catch your opponent off guard, especially if they invest a lot of cards to summon a strong monster. Not sending them to the graveyard can prevent some effects from activating too (like Blue Dragon Summoner). You can also activate Mirror Wall if you want it to stay on the field while also returning your opponent's attacking monster.
  • Jurrac Stauriko: Summoning tokens can be good to defend against attacks, but it can also be used as fodder for tribute taking with Enemy Controller, or tribute summon into Titano. This also works well with Herra. When it gets destroyed, you can end up with 3 monsters on the field instead of 0, ready to tribute summon into Titano on your next turn.


  • Jurrac Titano: This card acts as a boss monster for your deck. Since it can't be special summoned, requiring 2 monsters for tribute can be a heavy price. But if used together with Stauriko then you can tribute summon it easier.
  • Jurrac Iguanon: While Iguanon has a pretty good effect, this deck's playstyle is a bit more defensive, especially since you can't guarantee that you can destroy a monster with it often. But this is still a good alternative if you are missing some of the cards. It works quite well when paired up with cards like Anti-Magic Arrows to prevent your attack from being negated.

Defensive supports

You will still need some of the common back row for some safety for your monsters. The occasional Mirror Wall, Windstorm of Etaqua, and Curse of Anubis can also work as substitutes.

  • Enemy Controller: Always a reliable offensive and defensive card. Has synergy with Stauriko since you can use the tokens as fodder to take control of your opponent's monster.
  • Wall of Disruption: Always a good card to use, but not effective against decks that uses cards like Sergeant Electro.
  • Xing Zhen Hu: Can be a little tricky to use, but if you manage to pin down 2 of your opponent's card, then it can be very crippling for them. Activate this during the turn your opponent sets 2 face down spell/trap cards to make sure they can't chain it. You can also use this to pin your own card if you want to lock only 1 of your opponent's spell/trap. Chain your set enemy controller to this card activation can also work.

Other useful cards

Anti-Magic Arrows
Anti-Magic Arrows
Almost always guarantees that your attack will go through.
Super Rush Headlong
Super Rush Headlong
A chainable card in case your opponent can destroy back row.
Big Evolution Pill
Big Evolution Pill
If you want to use multiple high levels.
High attack monster that benefits from the field spell. Substitute for monsters that you are lacking.


Seto Kaiba
Love jurrac deck so much fun...but i like my version better
<< Anonymous(Seto kaiba)
Anonymous Reply
add spike shield with chain and this monster gets 2800 defence immediately
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ptera is beyond broken if used right. There's a reason bouncing back boss monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh is frustrating.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Bounce back is extremely frustrating especially after the ftk components are introduced into duel links
<< Anonymous(Seto kaiba)
David Reply
Many players special summon big monsters by using other monsters or spell/cards effects. Jurrac Ptera are great to burn out those summoning resources, and if you are lucky enough to have a Herra by that time, you will have a powerful monster in your field which cost was returning a monster to your opponent’s hand :)
here's my jurrac deck. Any suggestions?
<< Anonymous(tacnayns)
David Reply
It looks pretty good, but having jurrasic world is not that necessary since you already have dinosaur kingdom (that ability will activate that card even if you dont have it in the deck). I think you might add more stauriko’s, they’re great as a deffence and they make the titano summoning easier
Make dinos great again man. Hope when Hassleberry arrives this archetype will become relevant again.
<< Anonymous(DinoLeg)
Anonymous Reply
Jurrac is a Synchro archetype, though. I doubt Hassleberry will use Synchro.

However, we still can get the main deck cards from him.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I'd expect Evols from Tyranno more than Jurracs, they fit him better.

I'd expect we'll get most of the remaining Jurrac stuff in a box at some point in the nearish future, though. None of it's problematic, and it's decent enough.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Evol is an Xyz archetype though.

Also, half of their main deck cards are Reptiles, not Dinosaurs.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Their Xyz bosses are all Dragons too.
I use Tyrannus instead of Titano, which can be combined with Fossil Excavation for an easy summon. Also, Fossil Excavation allows for a defensive move through summoning Stauriko or Ptera when suited.

Impenetrable Attack allows for saving Ptera when attacked, which allows it to grow in defense.

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A weapon to surpass metal gear
I'm so confused and uninterested right now.
Great card!We really need more options of decks and some plant cards would be great!
We got your Proteges (Vice Dragon and Earth Armor Ninja) We are ready for you Master CyDra!
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