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update 30/03/2017

Reign-Beaux, Overlord of Dark World

Reign-Beaux, Overlord of Dark World
Monster TypeFiend
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeTrigger Effect
ArchetypesDark World


If this card is discarded from your hand to your Graveyard by an opponent's card effect: Special Summon this card from the Graveyard. When this card is Special Summoned this way: Destroy all monsters your opponent controls OR all Spell/Trap Cards they control.

How to Get

PackPrimal Burst [R]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Can destroy all your opponent’s monster card or spell/trap cards


  • Unlike other Dark World monsters, both of this monster’s effect only trigger if it was discarded by your opponent’s effect.


  • Even with his effect making him more difficult to summon than other Dark World monsters, do not normal summon this monster as it has mediocre stats for 2 tributes and no useful effect when summoned this way.
    Clearing the spell/trap zone almost always takes priority. So that this card is protected from harmful set cards.

Ceruli, Guru of Dark World

Discard Ceruli so that he will be special summoned to your opponent’s field. He will then force you to select a card from your hand to discard. Do this while Reign-Beaux is in your hand so that you can select him, and then activate his effect when he is discarded. This happens because while your opponent controls Ceruli he is treated as your opponent’s monster, and therefore his effect is treated as your opponent’s effect.




ActionsActivates from your Graveyard
Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesDestroys your opponent's Monster Cards / Destroys your opponent's Spell Cards / Destroys your opponent's Trap Cards
Summoning categoriesSpecial Summons itself from your Graveyard


CERULI IS BROKEN, as in glitched. He doesn't appear on the opponent's side of the field anymore! He appears on my side
3 raigeki and 3 harpie feather duster is better than this card.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No shit.
This card is Broken... I mean literally it's effect to destroy all monsters or trap/spell cards is only supposed to happen when special summoned by an opponents card effect, not it's own user's.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
True, my opponent used The Cheerful Coffin to discard his own Reign-Beaux and it got special summoned and destroyed all my monsters..
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The Cheerful Coffin wouldn't trigger that effect, you lying moron
Broken as shit
Fought dark world deck. He ss Ceruli on my field.. Ss Reign Beaux he chose destroy s/t lucky at that moment i have forbidden chalice. Protected my other two traps.. This card should be SR for Reign Beaux
I have played versus this card and the effect is activated by my opponent using "dark world lightning". maybe it's a bug
This would jump to UR if it could destroy all of your enemies cards.
Rare card in my opinion is way to hard to pull that effect off
<< Anonymous(Baouss)
Anonymous Reply
you called it
How the he'll are we supposed to discard this by opponents effect?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Discarding Ceruli with Dark World Lightning will summon him to your opponent's side of the field, while forcing you to discard, which will count as your opponent's effect.

It's a 3 card combo that will be difficult to pull off, but extremely devastating for obvious reasons.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
even harder when you realize how easy it is to summon three monsters in one turn
<< Anonymous
A1 Reply
I don't think Ceruli makes you discard, I think it makes your opponent discard even tho it's on his field. There is a card that does something like that when you give it to your opponent but I can't remember it now.
<< Anonymous(A1)
Edgar81539 Reply
The controller of Ceruli is the one that makes the opponent discard, so your opponent will be making you discard if you discard Ceruli and special summon it to their side of the field.
Cool effects

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Good. There's already too many cards (in particular cards like double pass anyway)
I going to try it, but I thing the claw card is spashable if you use swamp mirorrer, activate it ...
No everyone plays reactor dragon and armades, and we have power of the guardians.
Yup, and seemingly Umbra & Lumis is the first characacter to have an ace with SR rarity. A...
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