Bamboo OTK: deck recipe

Duel Links Bamboo Sword FTK deck, Bamboo Sword in the meta, how to use Woodland Sprite.
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update 02/01/2018


Example deck

Woodland SpriteWoodland SpriteWoodland SpriteInto the VoidInto the VoidInto the Void
Black PendantBlack PendantBlack PendantCursed Bamboo SwordCursed Bamboo SwordCursed Bamboo Sword
Golden Bamboo SwordGolden Bamboo SwordGolden Bamboo SwordBroken Bamboo SwordBroken Bamboo SwordBroken Bamboo Sword
Cup of AceCup of Ace

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Duel, standby!
Gives 1 more card in each player's starting hand.


Other useful cards/skills



[Skill] descriptionUsers
Draw Sense: Earth
Can be used each time your Life Points decrase by 1500. In the Draw Phase, instead of doing a normal draw, draw a random EARTH attribute monster.
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Hot New Top
This deck is very braindead. I rather play against a cyber angle deck pre-nerf than this. Brainless deck ever.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Hell no, Pre-Nerf CA was far worse than this. Get Floodgate you scrub.
<< Anonymous
Hm 25days ago Reply
Lol what how is it brainless? It’s actually a good burn deck.
Anonymous 27days ago
I miss this cancer
This deck is so good. I'm gonna use this online.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
When I say online, I mean PvP.
update the deck to post-nerf?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Robin Lionheart Reply
I don't see how it can be salvaged post-nerf. You could replace the extra sprites with Botanical Girl, but you're still Limited to exactly one of Woodland Sprite, Golden Bamboo Sword, or Restructer Revolution.
Golden bamboo sword limited to 1 feelsbad
well sh*t i missed my opportunity
any f2p players here??? hurry up and finish the duelathon so you can get 2 ultra jewels!!!!!!! go now hurry up!!!
lmao cyber angels get nerfed to hell but a cerebrus with 8000 attack second turn is cool. ok
only brainless retards play this garbage
This deck is not broken. The entire game is broken. INCREASE STARTING LP. 4000 is too little.

Duel Links, like other f2p games, was designed for short matches and short attention spans. That’s why you only have 20 card decks and 4000 life points. That’s why the game rewards you for quantity over quality of PVP wins. That’s why the game gives you an extra 500 points for a quick victory.

Bamboo OTK is just a symptom of way the app is designed.
<< Anonymous(mangly)
No way! I think its fine where its at, if u want longer games/more LP go play TCG.
<< Anonymous(LORDxKIRA)
Anonymous Reply
You want this to become a Coin-tossing game where every match is determine by which one of them will get a head? great.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
At this point I think it is valid to raise LP to 8000. 4K was fine when the strongest Lv4 beater was Axe Raider, however now we have to deal with 2 Lava Golem burn, Bamboo, CA, and many other OTKs. Current LP total allows little to no room for interaction or recovery. anymore. It does not feel good to win with these "competitive" decks anymore
<< Anonymous(mangly)
Anonymous Reply
This would affect the game in a negative way i think...they just need to ban this OTK bs, it's not fun.
bamboo is nerfed or not? because it still beat me in 1 turn, i cant even take my 2rd turn.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not yet, I cant take my 2nd turn! But, what is this (2rd turn) XD, hahaha GG english
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
^ "i have no idea, but let me insult this man with my so-called grammar skill"
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Eh goblok jgn malu2in bangsa sendiri ngapa!!
If I tell the press tomorrow that a truck full of cyber angels is OP or a bunch of ninjas will OTKO you, then nobody panics...

But if I tell you one little old bamboo sprite can use bamboo swords then everybody loses their minds!
<< Anonymous
SomeDude Reply
Nice Dark knight reference

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