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update 04/01/2018

Cloudian - Eye of the Typhoon

Cloudian - Eye of the Typhoon
Monster TypeAqua
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeContinuous Effect / Trigger Effect
Supports ArchetypesCloudian


This card cannot be destroyed by battle. If this card is in face-up Defense Position, destroy it. When this card declares an attack, change the battle positions of all face-up monsters, except "Cloudian" monsters.

How to Get

PackPrimal Burst [UR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Excellent ATK stats.
  • Cannot be destroyed by battle.
  • When this card declares attack, change all battle positions of all face-up monsters except “Cloudian” monsters.


  • Requires 2 monsters to tribute summon.
  • Destroys itself when it is switched to face-up Defense position.


  • The current meta is heavily filled with position switching cards such as Enemy Controller, Windstorm, Curse of Anubis, Sphere Kuriboh, which makes this card close to unusable because you require more resources to protect it.
  • Impenetrable Attack can only protect this monster during Battle Phase, when your opponent switches your monster into defense mode during Battle Phase.

Speed Summon

When this card is destroyed by battle, it spawns 2 more Cloudian tokens, which can only be tributed for a “Cloudian” monster summon, and cannot be Tributed for any other monsters.

Essential Support

Since this monster is very vulnerable to position switching into defense mode, we will require these cards to stop your opponent’s from attempting to switch this monster into defense mode.




ActionsChanges Battle Positions
Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesDestroys itself
Attack categoriesCannot be destroyed by battle


Hot New Top
How to beat a cloudian deck: step 1: put stumbling or zero gravity in your deck
Problem cloudian players?
(Too bad neither of those cards are obtainable yet)
<< Anonymous(sjp91)
Anonymous Reply
Or just put Econ in your deck like what 90% of the players have done all the time, especially since you can obtain 1 copy in DL for free
What came first the econ or the cloudian?
<< Anonymous(NMS)
Anonymous Reply
Maybe they could release something like a field spell or continuous spell/trap that prevents the change of battle postitions of cloudians monsters.

I'm interested on these type of cards but there is no point to launch 200 packs with a deck with so many disadventages, it's a shame :p
Why this card can't be destroyed by card effect ? The description doesn't mention such effect!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Oh, hey, I totally forgot Hardened Armed Dragon + Eye of the Typhoon used to be a (very gimmicky) thing. Thanks for this, lol.
Haha not bad card. but probably the 90% of players have atleast 1 econ in their decks, so this cards sucks.
the card itself isnt trash but honestly what the is the point in releasing these beastly ass cards WHEN THE DEFENSE IS TRASH. this game is riddled with battle position changing cards its worthless to even get big monsters out on the field becuase they will just get e con. shit they might straight up get tribute to the doomed, super rush, floodgate, mirror wall, any card that lowers attack wtf wall of d omfg you cant even dominate in this game. you get a fat ass beast on the field and someone who runs 3 copies of cuck cards just shuts your shit down its stupid. limit battle position changing and attack and defense altering cards to 1
<< Anonymous(Renikan)
Anonymous Reply
Your saying you dont get triggered when someone runs 3 wod 3 floodgate 3 mirror wall beat down decks?
<< Anonymous(Renikan)
A Reply
aaaaand why cant you run those cards again? if u run 1 of each of those cards then to me thats absolutely fine i have no problem with that you used your gems to get them or paid to get them and you have just 1 but when you put in copies of each of them cmon now thats not what yu gi oh is thats what konami is. they dont care. they just want you to buy 2 copies
<< Anonymous
A Reply
how is it irrelevant. did you even think before you typed. how else are you going to get a card in defense mode without a battle position changing card?!!!! duh cmon now.
<< Anonymous(A)
Lord Pancake Reply
Did you know that your deck contains more that 1 card? :v. It is the easiest thing to build a deck that can protect monsters from any targeting.
Who would win:

A Boss(currently) Claudian card with 3k atk


1 E-con
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Omfg, Claudian*
<< Anonymous
I'll help you out Reply
It's Cloudian - thank me later
<< Anonymous(I'll help you out)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Lord Pancake Reply
Riryoku Field, Spell Shield.....
Also in a deck you can have max 3 E-con but you can have more than 12 clauian that cannot be destroyed by battle in attack position. BTW I think Nimbusman is more likely a boss claudian than this.
Is there any way to get yugi muto
<< Anonymous(Jay)
Gay Reply
Hey man, we've got a same name!
<< Anonymous(Gay)
Zeitstein Reply
Nice troll mate..
<< Anonymous(Gay)
Anonymous Reply
Dead on Arrival UR
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Its not the first and knowing komoney, certainly won't be the last
<< Anonymous
Konami Reply
We will continue to provide trash cards as UR in future main box as usual. Arigato Gozaimasu
Dies to econ,windstorm,curse of anubis,pulse mines, and sphere ebola.. wow what a card
We need Raging Cloudian asap.

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How to use this deck: Use doom oct to thin deck/force activation of providence or get necrofea...
That's gonna be one hell of an inconsistent farming deck.
Luna 246
I don't get why Kuribon isn't in her drops, or even as her first level-up reward card. ...
*in JP Kaiba's epic voice* KAMI JA NAI, FARMER DA
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