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update 04/09/2016


Monster TypeFairy
Card typeNormal


He seems to be very unreliable, but he might have incredible potential.









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MahdiaWinchester 10days ago
how is this not UR?
<< Anonymous(MahdiaWinchester)
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
They probaly wanted to release an arcetype to beat cyber angels they everyone can get access to
Rightarmbandit 16days ago
I can just see all the meta sheep buying 3 of each card as if the tatsu/beaver meta wasn't bad enough
Komoney 19days ago
stupid red-guy on paper plane
<< Anonymous(Komoney)
Anonymous 19days ago Reply
The tatsutards are just salty cause there decks has been out classed
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 19days ago Reply
Well said, we can now be freed from tatsu/beaver meta
Duel links meta 22days ago
Hey guys meet me at discord tommorow well be discussing tips and tricks and analyzing how this will impact meta i only i want subs to play aitsu and koitsu decks and how to play against this during the mirror match
<< Anonymous(Duel links meta)
Duel links meta 22days ago Reply
Banlist enforced
<< Anonymous(Duel links meta)
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
What time?
<< Anonymous
Duel links meta 21days ago Reply
Send me an email if your a member of the discord
Anonymous 22days ago
This with with 3sd rip ca rez
<< Anonymous
Lord Pancake 21days ago Reply
3sd is going to be get nerfed
<< Anonymous(Lord Pancake)
player j 21days ago Reply
What about masoleum or ancient rules are they gonna be nerfed? I took this deck to WCS back in the tcg and it destroyed everyone
<< Anonymous(Lord Pancake)
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
This is probaly why they gonna nerf the skill
Anonymous 21days ago
Had to be in a boxset bye bye paycheck
Anonymous 21days ago
How is this only normal rarity?
Anonymous 22days ago
Tatsunootoshigo 22days ago
Dont release this card
Anonymous 22days ago
Oh come on konami you cant be serious releasing this busted card it'll totally the dominate the ladder and ruin competitive play
Anonymous 22days ago
Not worth using Koitsu with this, it's powerful enough: it's like equipping Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon with Dragon Treasure: it's powerful enough, this isn't going to make it even better.
Anonymous 22days ago
JUST got my third tatsu and now they released this thanks komoney

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