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update 26/04/2017


Monster TypeDragon
Card typeNormal


A mystical dragon that burns away the unworthy with its mystic flames.

How to Get

This monster card is currently unavailable in the game.

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--


How to GetRarity


Needs two tributes to be summoned but status is not high enough. Easy to obtain and you may use the card until getting other high level monster cards such as Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

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Anonymous 21days ago
this card was actually a reward by levelling up Tea from the beta version of DL. Sad we never got this in the actual DL game. Hoping we get this for the Superb Tea event.
<< Anonymous
Xenon 21days ago Reply
I don't see the point in getting this. Does Tea have lines for it? When not it's just a weak card in the current pool??? :/
unavailable, but it exists in the game alright
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Actually this one isnt obtainable yet. I think it still too op for DL cuz it's a mystical dragon that burns away the unworthy with its mystic flames :P
This card was Tea's ace monster, not the dark magician girl. It deserves a place in the game, even if it's not that great.
Hope we can get it. Love it. Just aesthetic.
i hope he is Rare
Only thing that this card shines over Blue Eyes is that it is 7 stars and thus can be used with Tribute Doll. Better stats than Red Eyes.
<< Anonymous(CreativiTimothy)
Anonymous Reply
it's you :OO
<< Anonymous
Bread Reply
I doubt it's actually Timothy. Way too easy to put in any username, lul
<< Anonymous(CreativiTimothy)
Original Post Reply
Serpent Night Dragon >> This card.
<< Anonymous(CreativiTimothy)
Anonymous Reply
Well I have no respect for you even if you are a fake. No one should support him.
Why this card an UR ,like wtf
"Easy to obtain and you may use the card until getting other high level monster cards(...)"

"This monster card is currently unavailable in the game."

I'm confused.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
lol xD
Similar to Serpent Night Dragon. Both SR normal monsters and I don't know why they did this.
What a peace of ****, respectfuly.....
how i can get it?
<< Anonymous(anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
kaiba level 50
Why is this even listed? Is there reason to believe it's a upcoming card?

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