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update 12/09/2016

Cyber Gymnast

Cyber Gymnast
Monster TypeWarrior
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeIgnition Effect
ArchetypesCyber / Cyber Girl


Once per turn: You can discard 1 card, then target 1 face-up Attack Position monster your opponent controls; destroy that target.

How to Get

Level-up rewardAlexis Rhodes Lvl 25
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Strong effect that can destroy most monsters.
  • Somewhat high defense, which can be increased easily if used with Joey's skill "Fields of the Warriors".
  • The discard requirement can be any card (Monster, spell, trap).


  • Low attack. This often means that you won't normal summon it to destroy an opponent's monster right away without having some protection.
  • Its effect can only be used once per turn.
  • You can only get 1 copy of this card.


Discard Cards

Discard cards like Kidmodo, or Bacon Saver to setup some of your plays for the later turns, or use Sword of the Deep-Seated so you can keep recycling it to keep destroying your opponent's monsters. Needle Sunfish is good if your opponent has 2 or more monsters already out on the field so you can use its effect.


Best card to use to protect it is Super Rush since it can work on your other monsters as well, along with being able to use it offensively. Continuous Destruction Punch is good if you play a defensive deck, but using it can let your opponent know of your play, and end up switching your opponent's to defense position.

Switch to defense instead of attack

If you just normal summon Cyber Gymnast with some back row, your opponent might switch them to defense position in fear of it getting destroyed. Best case scenario is if they switch all of their monsters to defense, allowing you to destroy them all with Tragedy.





ActionsDiscards for cost
Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesDestroys your opponent's face-up Attack Position Monster Cards


Anonymous 29days ago
Where can i get the second one except alexis lv up
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 29days ago Reply
Dude go to the card catalogue search the card and use the how to obtain feature
Its pretty awesome in ojamas:
1. Clear a zone for the fusions to block
2. Becomes 1800 atk with the field sell eff
3. Blue fills your hand up so fodder isn't a prolem
IF this card had 1800 attack...
<< Anonymous(NMS)
Anonymous Reply
It will broken lol
<< Anonymous(NMS)
Anonymous Reply
ojama country
An unlimited tribute to the trash

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yeah thanks duel log for tips.
So wait, you can only get the Kuriboh once ever? As in, never again even if they reopen the event...
this is gonna be the biggest power creep so far for DL if we really gonna get this card in the ne...
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