GX Legendary Duelists Lvl 30

3 clock tower prison, 3 dread servant, and 2 eternal dread. OMFG, the lv. 30 Aster is more annoying than lv. 40 if you don't have counters in your deck. I swear, he always gets the clock on his first turn. XD And when can we have these cards!?
Anonymous No. 2
Lvl 40 Aster can also kick your butt if he Fusion Summons Destiny End monster and has Destiny Counter set.
strangely many lv30 ld´s are more annoying to farm. for clock tower, id say its to early for that. maybe we get a super aster later on, with clock tower as a single drop (like chazz-a-thon).
<< Anonymous(Anonymous No. 2)
Oh, it has happened. And then one time he got 3 diamond dudes on the field and decked himself out with destiny draw that way. And he almost always gets his 2 d-counters on his 1st and second turns. I still remember what a pain he was to farm when I was doing it back in December.
<< Anonymous(akubane)
That would be nice, but I think we would need 3 clocks and the support cards for it to be competitive. Every time I see the lv. 30 Aster now, I just use my Shining Flare Wingman fun deck against him. He can't avoid that damage with the clock.
<< Anonymous(akubane)
L30 Aster is easy, just don't destroy Dread Servant and switch Dasher and DoomLord to DEF.

Don't forget Gravekeeper's Vasall still does damage even with Clock Tower on the field
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
it is possible to farm those cards? destiny end dragoon, clock tower prison...
<< Anonymous
Dont hope to much for those cards. Just play yugioh tag force like me. I already leave yugioh duel links
<< Anonymous(Silentlofd)
It's fine in Tag Force, but no way in hell those cards would be fine in DL with speed duel setting.


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