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update 12/09/2016

Cyber Blader

Cyber Blader
Monster TypeWarrior
Card typeFusion / Effect
Card Effect TypeSummoning condition / Continuous Effect
ArchetypesCyber / Cyber Girl


"Etoile Cyber" + "Blade Skater"
A Fusion Summon of this card can only be conducted with the above Fusion Material Monsters. While your opponent controls only 1 monster, this card cannot be destroyed by battle. While your opponent controls only 2 monsters, double this card's ATK. While your opponent controls only 3 monsters, negate the effects of your opponent's Spell, Trap, and Effect Monsters.

How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory againstAlexis Rhodes Lvl 30+
Card trader--
OtherAlexis Rhodes Starter Deck




  • One of her abilities will almost always be active since you can only summon up to 3 monsters on the field.
  • Fusion summon can be done as a surprise to catch your opponent off guard.
  • All of her effects help her with survivability from battle.
  • If your opponent has 3 monsters on the field, it can effectively make her invincible if your opponent can't get over her 2100 attack.


  • Most level 5 or higher monsters can get over her 2100 attack.
  • Very low defense, making it weak when switched to defense, but only if your opponent has 2 or more monsters.
  • Can't use fusion substitute monsters to fusion summon this card.
  • You can only get a limited amount of Etoile Cyber and Blade Skater (fusion materials). They are also weak monsters. This can make it difficult to make a deck around Cyber Blader.


Giving Monsters

There are plenty of cards can special summon monsters to your opponent's side of the field, which you can search in-game by typing "opponent's side of the field" in the search function. This gives you more control over Cyber Blader's effect, while also giving your opponent some disadvantage. Shallow Grave can bring back your material monster, and if you use it when your opponent already has 2 monsters, you can use Cyber Blader's third effect, allowing you to negate everything your opponent can use.

Search Cards

Since there are only a limited amount of the fusion material monsters, part of the difficulty can be trying to get them to your hand from your deck, so you're going to need some cards that can search from the deck. You can also bring the occasional Crystal Seer, Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive, or Jar of Greed to get some more draws.

Controlling their number

You can use the Ojama fusion monsters to control how many monsters your opponent can summon. If your deck mainly focuses on fusion summon into Cyber Blader, then you only need to bring 1 or 2 ojama monster then use fusion substitute cards like King of the Swamp to get Ojama Knight or King.





Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesNegates the effects of your Effect Monsters / Negates the effects of your Spell Cards / Negates the effects of your Trap Cards
Summoning categories2 Fusion Materials / Strict Fusion Summon
Stat changesChanges own ATK value
Attack categoriesCannot be destroyed by battle


Hot New Top
Just info: when opponent have 3 monster, the effect of spell card in graveyard can still works (e.g. Machine angel ritual), I lost coz believing it would not like that.
I'm trying to get her playmat but I noticed something while using her. Her effect that negates effects when your opponent has 3 monsters only negates cards that activate and not continuous effects like Dweller in the Cave and Ojama Country. The text doesn't specify cards that activate. It just states it negates the effects of cards. Is this how it's supposed to work or is there a bug?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
that looks like a bug thanks for the info
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It’s not a bug fool, it negates cards that affect her specifically not jus negates cards.. learn how to read better
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I thinks its a bug.
I noticed if I activated Hero Barrier when Cyber Blader attacks it gets negated but if I activate it in the beginninh of the turn it doesn't
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
"negate the effect of your opponent's spell, trap, and effect monster cards" clearly you are the fool that needs to learn to read. At no point dos it speciffy whether or not they target or what they target. I also looked at the official rulings and it clearly says that it negates "all cards that activate OR ARE ACTIVE on the field" which means coninous effects should be negated
Since blade skater and etole cyber obtainable now , i must try build deck for her
I like using this card, but Alexis’s starter deck only has one copy of blade skater, making it really difficult to fusion summon Cyber Blade, and not helping things is that in order to get another blade skater, you have to duel Alexis and hope she gives you one, meaning getting a second one is completely locked behind this game’s RNG (that I still despise to this day) and can’t even get another blade skater by leveling Alexis up.
Given the fact that you can’t use substitute monsters for Cyber Blade, the following question is regarding only one blade skater in Alexis’s starter deck but also having 2 etoil angels in the starter deck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
NIGGA. WE ONLY HAD THE 1 ONE UNO SINGLE BLADE SKATER BEFORE THEY REALIZED HOW DUMB THAT WAS. Just be glad its now possible to build a deck around thid card now
this is the playmat for her :3 I did it as quick as I can to summon her 100 times :) Enjoy ! (the picture seems to be too big for sending directly with the file attached so here is the link:
<< Anonymous(YatsuoKogame)
YatsuoKogame Reply
second attempt (picture compressed):
<< Anonymous(YatsuoKogame)
Anonymous Reply
Is this JP version or the English one?
<< Anonymous(YatsuoKogame)
Anonymous Reply
how do you get the sleeves?
<< Anonymous
Mastakui Reply
Just duel using alexis 100 times then you will get the cyber blader sleeves
So sad. Konami only released 1 blade skater. So its useless to have 3 copy cyber blader
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
u guys are noobs. use fusion deck with a bit of brain then u can summon easily 10 times
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
i think ur the noob here buddy
<< Anonymous
Zombito! Reply
I see this card most likely used on Cyber Stein decks. Depending the situation can be very good.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
"u guys are noobs. use fusion deck with a bit of brain then u can summon easily 10 times"

- says the true noob.
this plus nimble musabi
<< Anonymous
YatsuoKogame Reply
I tried her with nimble musabi but not very effective, I also thought about Miracle flipper eventually
The summoning animation keep the original bust size.
Definitely bigger than the card artwork
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Download JP version bruh.. You'll see better artworks of cards. But Harpie Lady Sister still the best in its JP animation imo 'cause they dont wear swimsuit-like cloth and their bewbs even way bigger
Meh, 1 monster = D.D warrior. 2 monster = riryoku/ econ. 3 monster = use 2.1 k beater
<< Anonymous
Alexis Rhodes Reply
<< Anonymous(Alexis Rhodes)
o.o Reply
<< Anonymous(Alexis Rhodes)
Anonymous Reply
Pisa menos alexis
I wait you Asuka
Need more spaces... Ojama king and this... Really broken for 3 monster zones
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Why do they need to change the format?
"starter deck" kappa

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