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I'm trying to get her playmat but I noticed something while using her. Her effect that negates effects when your opponent has 3 monsters only negates cards that activate and not continuous effects like Dweller in the Cave and Ojama Country. The text doesn't specify cards that activate. It just states it negates the effects of cards. Is this how it's supposed to work or is there a bug?
that looks like a bug thanks for the info
It’s not a bug fool, it negates cards that affect her specifically not jus negates cards.. learn how to read better
I thinks its a bug.
I noticed if I activated Hero Barrier when Cyber Blader attacks it gets negated but if I activate it in the beginninh of the turn it doesn't
<< Anonymous
"negate the effect of your opponent's spell, trap, and effect monster cards" clearly you are the fool that needs to learn to read. At no point dos it speciffy whether or not they target or what they target. I also looked at the official rulings and it clearly says that it negates "all cards that activate OR ARE ACTIVE on the field" which means coninous effects should be negated
<< Anonymous
Yes, normally it can negate all card effects, but in Duel Links doesn't negate continuous effects. I think it's because if she could negate continuous effects there are a lot of Infinite Loops that we could make and break the game.



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I got them all with gems
It's a more balanced version of Solemn Judgement.
Not even the point... the spider can destroy zombie world in desperado decks lol
What's that rare spell card called
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