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update 23/11/2016


Monster TypeMachine
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeContinuous Effect


At the time this card is selected as an attack target by an opponent's monster, you can activate Trap Card(s) from your hand.

How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Allows you to activate trap cards from the hand.


  • You can only activate The Trap card when Jetroid is selected as an attack target.
  • If you summon Jetroid in attack position it may give away what you are trying to do.


  • You must keep a space in your spell/trap zone open to use Jetroid’s effect.
  • When Jetroid is attacked you can chain multiple trap cards in your hand. This could be better than setting them on the field because keeping them in your hand is often much safer than on the field where they are vulnerable to destruction.

Trap Cards

Here are some popular trap cards that can be used into any deck and are useful when your opponent attacks.

Inverse Universe

Jetroid has a decent amount of defense while most high attack monsters have very weak defense. You could use this to your advantage by activating Inverse Universe from your hand when your opponent attacks your attack position Jetroid.




Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesAllows activation of Trap Cards from your hand


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<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
got baited by konami thought they release gyroid first then this card, my wcs sr ticket zzz
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
same lol...feelsbad
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I was expecting this to be a one-of rather than a drop. (Same with Armoroid, actually.) But it's not like Jetroid's an amazing card anyway, so investing in it before this event was probably unwise to begin with. (I don't think they expired before now did they?)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
well yes not amazing card, picked it just because it was freshly added and somehow blinded by amazon meta (pick gyroid means ez banish) and i wanted to play handtrap roid too.
got countered by konami feelsbad.
How exactly to activate the jetroid effect?

i've tried many times n let the opponent attack it while i'm keeping some traps in hand, but nothing happened..

can anyone tell me how... thx b4
<< Anonymous(Steelogregrotto)
Xenon Reply
I think, that jetroid need to be face-up to use his effect.
So, I got this for the SR ticket exchange, but when I try to put it in a deck I get a server error. Anyone else?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Soo... Should we get it now or later, cause the ticket only valid to july 12th... And i seriously want this guy on most of my machine theme decks
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
To the guy saying all 3 S/T zones were empty: That is a clear indication he had no Traps. They will set Traps if they control less than 2 S/Ts. I doubt Jetroid changes that, though I suppose it's plausible.

As for whether to purchase Jetroid... I'd probably go under the assumption that it'll only be available as a single copy in the Syrus event, not a drop.
<< Anonymous
MrTommo999 Reply
ohhh he had set spells and i had just Straight Flush him to make 100% sure he could save himself... i had taken alot of tries to make all the things set up inline BUT it was worth it to see him lose even though he had a hand that could legitlly save him in two ways (though one was just a bounce and both monsters would of died but the other one was a insta win)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Me to i got one card.But now i dont have it.
Will this effect ignore Anti Magic Arrows? Because that would be interesting
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I couldnt use the ability when mirage dragon was on the field I assume arrow would be the same. It says you cant use spells or traps and mirage is just traps.
3x Buster Drakes
2x heavie mech arms
2x victory viper/ Sergeant electro
2x Lord British star fighters
3x Gravity blasters
3x Wall of disruptions
2x Pulse mines
2x Super rush
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The name of the deck is called look at the fly fly based on a Dave attell joke
Check out the deck boards for deck called F your meta deck I just added it
Literally "Handtraps" before it was cool
Yep, mind games rule again
Sergeant electro dislike this
Once we can use this card I bet we'll see people saving their Mirror Wall/Wall of Disruption for this thing's effect lmao
lol activate trap from hand

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Cause I think he would show more of the Neos and Neo-Spacian cards yet to be shown in Duel Links....
Fire Island is a one trick pony, nepthys is more versatile.
Has to be targeted by a card effect to use it's effect. Most players who can read won'...
C'moooooooooooooonnnn Konami!
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