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update 30/04/2018


Spellbooks are generally a support archetype for Spellcasters. They excel at searching and boosting Spellcaster monsters with Prophecy monsters acting having the most synergy with them. With all that, the only thing lacking from Spellbooks/Prophecy right now is a boss monster to invest their support in.

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Example Deck

Spellbound Silence Version

Essential cards
(Box reset)
Visions of IceVisions of Ice

Spellbound SilenceSpellbound Silence

Silent Magician LV8Silent MagicianSilent MagicianSilent MagicianSpellbook Magician of ProphecySpellbook Magician of Prophecy
Spellbook Magician of ProphecySpellbook of SecretsSpellbook of SecretsSpellbook of SecretsSpellbook of FateSpellbook of Fate
Spellbook of FateSpellbook of PowerSpellbook of the MasterSpellbook of the MasterSpellbook of the MasterSpellbook of Eternity
Spellbook of EternityTreacherous Trap Hole--------

Previous Version

Blizzard Princess

Blizzard PrincessBlizzard PrincessSpellbook Magician of ProphecySpellbook Magician of ProphecySpellbook Magician of ProphecyStrength of Prophecy
Spellbook of SecretsSpellbook of SecretsSpellbook of SecretsSpellbook Library of the CrescentSpellbook of FateSpellbook of Fate
Spellbook of FateSpellbook of PowerSpellbook of PowerSpellbook of EternitySpellbook of EternitySpellbook of the Master
Spellbook of the MasterTreacherous Trap Hole

Dark Magician of Chaos

Dark Magician of ChaosThe TrickySpellbook Magician of ProphecySpellbook Magician of ProphecySpellbook Magician of ProphecyReaper of Prophecy
Fool of ProphecyFool of ProphecySpellbook of SecretsSpellbook of SecretsSpellbook of SecretsSpellbook of Life
Spellbook of FateSpellbook of FateSpellbook of FateSpellbook of PowerSpellbook of EternitySpellbook of Eternity
Spellbook of the MasterSpellbook of the Master

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Can be used only once after starting hands are dealt. Reveal and redraw your starting hand.
Bandit Keith
Bandit Keith

How to Use

Silent Magician

While Spellbooks will cover all your support, Silent Magicians will be your main beaters. Summoning the Non-LV Silent Magician should be done by tributing a Spellbook Magician of Prophecy after you have used up his search effect. You should then try to protect her and keep her on the field so that you can activate Spellbook of the Master and Spellbook of Fate. Spellbooks are really good at maintaining their card advantage, so you should have no problem keeping Silent Magician above 2000 attack if used properly. If ever she does get destroyed you can special summon Silent Magician LV8 which has 3500 attack and is immune to your opponnet's spell effects.
Silent Magician is also extremely valuable in a mirror match and when dueling against other meta decks because she can negate key cards like Spellbook of Fate, Masked Change, and Ties of the Brethren.

Deck Search

Searching and thinning your deck is what this deck really excels at. Most cards in this deck has some form of search function to get Spellbooks or Prophecy monsters out from your deck.

  • Spellbook Magician of Prophecy can search out any Spellbook spell card from your deck when he is Normal or Special summoned. Very useful for getting any need card from your deck. You first search out Spellbook of Secrets and then use Spellbook of Secrets to search out the Spellbook you want. The extra step is to thin your deck further and load your graveyard.
  • Spellbook of Secrets can search out any card from your deck with Spellbook in it's name, including Spellbook Magician of Prophecy.
  • Spellbook of Power boosts one of your Spellcaster-type monsters by 1000 attack and allows you to search for another Spellbook card when it destroys a monster by battle.

Special Summon

When searching monsters this deck excels at special summoning your searched monster directly from the deck onto the field. Once per turn, Fool of Prophecy can mill any Spellbook spell card from your deck helping you reach his effect's activation condition. During the end phase when you have 5 or more Spellbook spell cards in the graveyard you can special summon a level 5 or higher Spellcaster from your deck. The best thing you could do with this is special summon Reaper of Prophecy, and then with Reaper of Prophecy search out a Spellbook from your deck and special summon Dark Magician of Chaos. Dark Magician of Chaos can then retrieve a spell card from your graveyard, this combo results in a plus 3 in card advantage.

Blizzard Princess

Summon Blizzard Princess by tributing Spellbook Magician of Prophecy or any 1 Spellcaster-type monster. She effectively shuts down your opponent's backrow for the rest of the turn after she is summoned allowing you to attack safely. Some easy ways to summon Blizzard Princess include using The Tricky or Legion the Fiend Jester as tribute fodder so that you can tribute summon into Blizzard Princess during the same turn.

Strength of Prophecy

Use Strength of Prophecy's effect to boost the attack of a Spellcaster-type monster on your side of the field by 500. Usually his effect will be used on himself first so that you can boost him enough to keep him on the field. His effect is also a good way to recycle Spellbooks in your graveyard back to the deck, which can then be searched by Spellbook of Secrets or Spellbook Magician of Prophecy.

Spellbook Library of the Crescent

Use Spellbook Library of the Crescent to search your deck for Spellbook spell cards. You can only use Spellbook Library of the Crescent if you have no Spellbook cards in your graveyard and the card that gets added to your hand is chosen at random by your opponent. But it could still be worth running this card to fuel your graveyard without losing card advantage. This could also help in some situations where your graveyard runs out of Spellbooks because of Spellbook of Fate and/or Prophecy of Strength removing them from the grave.


To maximize the use of your Spellbooks you also want to retrieve them for reuse. Dark Magician of Chaos can retrieve a spell card from the graveyard everytime he is summoned. Spellbook of Eternity can retrieve a Spellbook card banished by Spellbook of Fate.


Spellbook of Life can be used to revive a Spellcaster-type monster from your graveyard, the best targets are Dark Magician of Chaos, Reaper of Prophecy or Fool of Prophecy depending on the situation. Dark Magician of Chaos is the easiest target because he simple allows you to retrieve a spell card when he is summoned. Reaper of Prophecy is good if Dark Magician of Chaos is still in your deck and you have 5 Spellbooks in your graveyard, you also get to search a Spellbook from your deck. Fool of Prophecy is a great target if you want to gain a lot of card advantage while Dark Magician of Chaos and Reaper of Prophecy are still in your deck.

Spellbook of Fate

Spellbook of Fate has varying effects depending on the number of Spellbook card you remove from play as cost.

  • The first effect is useful for protecting yourself against opponent's backrow. Use it before the battle phase to return cards like Wall of Disruption to the hand without your opponent getting a chance to activate it. This effect can also help you disrupt Sea Stealth Attack boards.
  • The second effect can be used to defend against attacks and change your opponent to a vulnerable position similar to Enemy Controller's first effect. Additionally it can disrupt effects that activate upon summoning like Cyber Angel Dakini and some Sylvan monsters by flipping them face-down.
  • The third effect is just a way to get rid of anything from the field by banishing it, and keep in mind this does not target nor does it destroy meaning it is effective even against monsters with those forms of protection.

Spellbook of the Master

Spellbook of the Master is a good card to use in any Spellbook deck, because it can use the effect of any Spellbook normal spell in your graveyard. This bypasses the the Spellbook's activation condition. Also since all Spellbook cards have a hard once per turn effect, Spellbook of the Master allows you to practically activate it's effect twice in one turn.

King of Games [May 2018]


IGNSet SkillDate Summitted
SickmanfudoShow of NightmaresMay 4


IGNSet SkillDate Summitted
zmyrmeleoRestartMay 5


IGNSet SkillDate Summitted
hibardoRestartMay 7


IGNSet SkillDate Summitted
BlueMinotaurRestartMay 10


IGNSet SkillDate Summitted
JunyRestartMay 10


IGNSet SkillDate Summitted
NykkoRestartMay 11


Hot New Top
Vs fur hire 26days ago
How do you deal with fur hire that starts first.
They swarm in turn 1.

Than its your turn.

How to keep your spellcaster alive when you face a turn 1 swarm that can even use monster destruction effects on top.
<< Anonymous(Vs fur hire)
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
You just dont deal with fur hire with this deck, kind of sad.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
If they dont have a perfect opener hand you can still win going second.

If you can start your win chances are high.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
If they dont have a perfect opener hand you can still win going second.

If you can start your win chances are high.
<< Anonymous(Vs fur hire)
Anonymous 10hour ago Reply
The weakness of wiz is her cost. Play around their hand size and burn expendable spellbooks until you're reasonably certain that you can get away with your main plays. Like, play power or master. If they go through, good! But if they don't, more fuel for fate and you can recycle with eternity. Just play around their hand size my boi
Newb 13days ago
Is the deck still worth it ??
<< Anonymous(Newb)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
not much, most ranked matches lately are against fur hires, if they start first it will be really hard for spellbooks to win.
<< Anonymous(Newb)
Anonymous 22hour ago Reply
It's actually a really good counter to furies. If you go first you pretty much win. If you go second, if they don't draw wiz you pretty much win too
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 22hour ago Reply
^ WTF, no. Only if they go first, otherwise they will be crushed
Anonymous 20days ago
Should I still use restart even after the nerf?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
No, siwtcheroo and destiny draw is much better. You can also use draw sense earth if you don't have destiny draw.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
No dude. You'll skip turn next draw if u use restart
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 22hour ago Reply
It's still worth it for me. I got king of games with restart in a day after I stopped using meme decks and wiped the dust off the spellbook deck lol
Xenon 20days ago
How can this deck be fun? Really it feels like you waste a lot of your lifetime playing it(or playing against it)... O.O
<< Anonymous(Xenon)
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
cause it takes brain to manage your resources than actually special summons monster (aka furries), plus it feels good to beat that furries using this.
Anonymous 22days ago
Each time I have to wait for a Spellbook f.aggot to play a f.uck load of cards in their turn, I make them wait every second in mine.
Enjoy playing this cancer r.etard deck, pay to virgins ^_^
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 22days ago Reply
I don't mind waiting if I'm winning lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
Nah dude, you're cancer, not spellbook players
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
Glad to see im not the only 1 who didnt like wut this prick had to say XD
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
Really?? "Pay to virgins"?? Did it take u all night to come up with that one?? Dont hate cuz u broke as a bad joke son, i buy wut i want.
Anonymous 18days ago
This person’s deck + Vagabond’s 8000 LP challenge = an easy victory for me. Vagabond decked himself out while I played defense with my Masked HEROs deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 18days ago Reply
Before you assume anything, this was the deck I used. I run 2 Anki, 2 Goka, and one Vapor in my Extra Deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
:D XD!
Anonymous 4days ago
has someone reached kog recently with spellbooks? (no pay version)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
I'm trying, it has taken me 2 days to grind for every Spellbook card needed
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
I did, but you need grass is greener and go first
So dudes, I decided to destroy the myth behind Silent Magician and the "pay to win" issue; I tested if it was true, so I choose Cyber Angels, a Spell based deck. Took out Saffira and started playing, and guess what EVERY SINGLE TIME I FACED THAT POOR WIFE, I ENDED WINNING; because she's only able to negate spells ONCE PER TURN.

How do you say the card is too op?
I don't bother if these EX packs become series, they are exclusive cards for fans, who want to support the game. No one is forcing you to buy it, because it's not by any mean "Overpowered".

So that's it, even Handicaped, with a Spell-based deck, and NO SAFFIRA AT ALL.
You can win against Silent Magician.
And these haters, yeah, these people that keep complaining. I'm afraid they have never played duel links; but they keep hating, trying to boycott the game for no reason.

Anyway, leaving these raging and incoherent folks aside, I wish you all happy dueling !
<< Anonymous(Mah boi)
Sylvan 27days ago Reply
I see you created a new account. I understand, my subject. I have been nerfed and is no longer a brainless easy win deck. Thanks for enjoying while it lasted.
<< Anonymous(Sylvan)
Mah boi 27days ago Reply
It's impossible to reason with this one troll here. Just eat shit, will ya?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
Perseus 3days ago Reply
The real problem with this deck, it's the fact it's kinda slow...
:D 3days ago
COOL DECK !!!, but SLOW hehe
Can we like confirm that f2p players can not play with this deck as they are going to shut down by mirror play Silent Magician and that this deck has reached a new level of not only being "Expensive" but "p2w" level?... Sigh and I really liked my SB deck until now.
<< Anonymous(Brazilian Guy)
F2P Reply
Yeah I honestly don't know what's all the outrage about. I also don't care if I can't obtain Silent Waifu because I'm F2P. There's a whole lot of other competitive options out there.
<< Anonymous(David)
Anonymous Reply
it NOT about not being able to get this card, its what it will mean for future releases. If konami can get away with paywall cards, they'll will do it more.

see things long-term, not just the pb in front of you
<< Anonymous
furhirekiller 3days ago Reply
I mean, they made a f2p game with NO ADS and people complain about them putting a paywall behind a pair of cards? "Oh Komoney just want our wallets, Komoney this, Komoney that".
I personally think Konami is extremely generous when compared to other f2p games especially in this type of genre. You want silent magician? then pony up, its the least you could do to support the devs.
<< Anonymous(furhirekiller)
furhirekiller 3days ago Reply
The real life TCG is p2w all the way. Whoever bought the most boosters had the most cards and could build better decks.
LIFE IS P2W lmao. Get used to it.
Anonymous 6days ago
how about they include a 15-30 second time limit each turn for anybody who includes spellbook of fate in their deck. if time runs out, they lose.
Anonymous 18days ago
Combined this with jinzo traps psyhcic shockwave, and you will start trolling

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