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update 06/06/2017

Spellbook Library of the Crescent

Spellbook Library of the Crescent
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeActivation requirement / Card effect / Condition
ArchetypesProphecy / Spellbook
Supports ArchetypesSpellbook


If you have no "Spellbook" Spell Cards in your Graveyard: Reveal 3 "Spellbook" Spell Cards with different names from your Deck, your opponent randomly adds 1 of them to your hand, and shuffle the rest back into your Deck. You can only activate 1 "Spellbook Library of the Crescent" per turn. You cannot activate any Spell Cards the turn you activate this card, except "Spellbook" Spell Cards.

How to Get

PackVisions of Ice [R]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Searches your deck for a Spellbook spell card.


  • Requires that you have no Spellbooks in the graveyard to activate.
    Your opponent chooses at random what card gets added to your hand.
  • You must choose Spellbook cards with different names. So you cannot choose 3 of 1 kind of Spellbook to give consistency.
  • You cannot activate spell cards except Spellbooks for the rest of the turn.



Here are some Spellbook spell cards that support the Prophecy Archetype and Spellcasters in general.

Spellbook of the Master

You can use the effect of Spellbook Library of the Crescent even when you have other Spellbooks in the graveyard by using Spellbook of the Master. Selecting Spellbook Library of the Crescent when activating Spellbook of the Master allows you to use Spellbook Library of the Crescent’s effect without it’s activation restriction.




ActionsAdds from Deck to hand
Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesPrevents activation of your Spell Cards


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i want to build this deck but i'm scare 2/3 month later, konami will release Necrovalley.. :(
i feel you fam, but can't hate SM her thickness cannot be avoided! x)
We already have XYZ in Electric Overload though. Also, it's possible they introduce Pendu...
Well like the sylvan deck got hit pretty hard, like sylvan marshalleaf and rose lover
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