Spellbook deck (Before 2018 Jan)

Every time you play against this deck on PvP, just report them for slow play. It’s the best way to deal with this Blue boy banish nonsense. Eventually it’s users can’t play anymore.
Blue Boi
C'mon man don't that
<< Anonymous(Blue Boi)
Blue Boi
I mean don't do that
Yeah, they’re turns take up so much time, it is delay of game. And for what, just so they can make degenerate plays? This deck deserves the nerfs/bans.
<< Anonymous
Go look at TCG if you think these take long and you are going to report them for playing the game in a way that was made by Konami and it was their choice to implement it plus if people do report for slow play Konami will review the replay and see they are doing their plays and nothings going to happen
Well, it looks like the OPs strategy paid off. Komoney just nerfed SBs for no reason.
<< Anonymous(Yugiknowz )
Pointless nerf

Most of the decks that I meet play 2 fates and I did not notice the difference.
<< Anonymous
There is a difference actually,it means that i cannot use tth in spellbook anymore.


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Idk as far as minecraft rivals go i think he is pretty good. Maybe just behind creeper
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