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update 07/05/2017

Silver's Cry

Silver's Cry
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeCard effect / Condition
SupportsDragon / Normal Monster
Related to ArchetypesBlue-Eyes


Target 1 Dragon-Type Normal Monster in your Graveyard; Special Summon that target. You can only activate 1 "Silver's Cry" per turn.

How to Get

PackStardust Acceleration [UR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Revives a Normal Dragon-type monster.
  • Is a Quick-Play spell making it very versatile.


  • The monsters you revive don't have any effect making them only good as beaters unless you have other support cards.
  • Only one Silver's Cry can be used per turn.


Normal Dragons

Here are some notable Normal Dragon-type monsters you can revive.




Summoning categoriesSpecial Summons from your Graveyard


Anonymous 2days ago
I already bought the whole DECK WITH GEMS ALONE !
Glad you can purchase the new EX pack with gems as well. !
Anonymous 2days ago
Anonymous 2days ago
Just pulled my second and third of these in the first ten packs. The RNG GODS have blessed my gem stash.
Anonymous 7days ago
such a shame i can only get one because im a budget player...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
Prioritize. You don't NEED to get absolutely every box. If you don't see much/anything you're after, skip a box and save up for what you do want. I do go for most boxes, but even I have 3 Industrial Strength, 2 Floodgate, 2 King of the Swamp, etc. Just be smart.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
There's other substitutes like birthright and silent doom. But none are as good as this card.
<< Anonymous
gard 2days ago Reply
Yes prioritize. I do want to build amazones also even they have been nerfed as second deck. But this azure deck is very expensive. so as budget/f2p fellow, i suggest to prioritize stardust boxes. Then after you collect the essential card, you can go for other boxes that to get other useful cards
Anonymous 6days ago
Kaiba would be really proud his deck is actually the most expensive one, lol, anyway... I guess I can't complain since the meta is currently full of not-so-expensive ones :)
Jala 7days ago
With this card, you cant rez a spirit white dragon ?
<< Anonymous(Jala)
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
You can. SWD also should rez from Azure's effect, giving Blue Eyes some decent backrow removal, sans Floodgate/E-con.
Anonymous 9days ago
I’m not resetting the trash box to get two more copies of this card. Is there any decent alternative?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
Silent doom
<< Anonymous
DrillDude 9days ago Reply
Not nearly as good, but you can use below with their respective con.

Swing of Memories (last 1 turn only)
Silent Doom (cant ATK)
Birthright (a trap)
Soul Resurrection (a trap and summon in DEF)
Jermethius 9days ago
I powered up a Dark Magician to 3200. Opponent special summoned BEWD with Peak Performance matching my DM. He kamikazed on my DM and then used Silver`s Cry to get back the BEWD.

Thus card is basically Monster Reborn for dragons. How is it not OP?

Monster Reborn should no longer be banned, in fact, the majority of the banned cards shouldn't. There is a similar or stronger card for most of them that isn't.

Side note: Necrovalley should be obtainable in Duel links.
<< Anonymous(Jermethius )
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
Monster Reborn is too broken. eg: using it on a effect monster such as BLS-SS.. etc

indeed, Silver's Cry is a quick play spell with possible to OTK
<< Anonymous
Jermethius 9days ago Reply
Personally, I hate the concept of broken or OP. If the cards "break" the game, why print them? Once printed and circulated they should be playable.

Imagine if the NBA did that. Nope, 6.5+ foot players break the game. They are banned.

[Yes, I know it is silly, it is just an example, but makes as much sense in a card game where they could decide OP or not before printing.]
<< Anonymous(Jermethius )
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
b/c rules change. Real Life Sports too!!

In the very beginning of Yugioh card/anime where everything begin.

you can normal summon blue-eye without tribute. normal summon Relinquished without ritual.

Monster Reborn was from that era, and it can be used on a god-card in graveyard.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
Relinquished was never normal summoned without a ritual, even in the manga it was ritual summoned.
Anonymous 20days ago
How do I obtain this card? I've battled someone in rank that had this card but cannot find out how to get it.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
its a UR from new box
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
Anonymous 24days ago
Woah a quick spell.
Anonymous 24days ago
This one is pretty good for future blue eyes deck.
Anonymous 24days ago
great one ,, a quick play

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