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update 18/03/2017


Monster TypeDragon
Card typeNormal


It's a snowfield-dwelling, giant-ear-sporting, super-acoustic, snowball-shaped mutant dragon! There's no way anybody can escape.









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OtherRanked Duel Ticket [N]


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Anonymous 6days ago
Budget Blue-Eyes
You can play a copy of this card in a blue eyes deck. Whenever it's switched to DEF position by a opponent's spell/trap it will have higher chances to survive. I defeated Karakuris plenty of times with it.
Looks hard to summon.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply's not hard, though?

Just use Ancient Rules....
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Forgot that card existed, I don't play BEWD eyes or seen that BEWD.
It is so cute!
helpppppp !!!
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Dark Phanton
For Mokuba ou Ishizu Light deck it's very stronger than Blue Eyes White Dragon, you must consider the Highest defense of 2900. Cards like Enemy Controller and Block Attack can not be ignored. Blue Eyes White Dragon is powerful, but his defense of 2500 is weak against major Level 6 and 7 and 8. Too protect Rabidragon use Mask Of Weakness or Half Counter trap cards. Rabidragon is best and I always destroy Blue Eyes White Dragons.
This is the best card.
Ugly looking dragon
Kelinci naga besok apa lagi kuda naga? Ada ada aja nih ngayalnya wkwk
<< Anonymous
^ oh ya Reply
Didhdd docici anjxhc occiuc dkfofiic cbcndjk
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
^ jdjdf akaka aka bakgak kamka wkwkwkwk
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You are just going out to be the best of the best to be your best friends for the real life you're not going out on your own life you're just trying to so your life own life and you're going to out to be the one real best for your best to be ever a good bad boy to and make your sure look your to be a your own life best a guy and who that makes him look like bad man
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
gagaga gu gu gu ga?
I just use proper backrow and turn this shit into a diner dish for Easter.
Stronger vanilla beater than Blue-Eyes is N rarity. Rofl
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
ATK-wise this thing is definitely NOT stronger than BEWD, being 2950 while BEWD is at 3000.

Support-wise anything that works on LIGHT/Dragon/normal monsters works on both this thing and BEWD, and BEWD has more supports just for itself.

How the hell is this thing a stronger vanilla beater than BEWD?
<< Anonymous
candend Reply
Yeah, BEWD has lot of supports. Kaibaman, Paladin White, Ancient Rules, Kidmodo, Kaiser Sea Horse, Light Effigy, Soul Exchange, Birthright, Dragon's Rebirth, Vanguard of the Dragon, Totem Dragon, Mausoleum of the emperor, Burst Stream of Destruction, Majesty of Blue Eyes and has fusion Monster: BEUD
<< Anonymous(candend)
Anonymous Reply
Ancient Rules, Kidmodo, Kaiser Sea Horse, Light Effighy Sould Exchange, Birthright, Dragon Rebirth Vanguard of the Dragon Totem Dragon Mausoleum are NOT BEWD support, it work with vanilla dragons in general.

Even Silver Cry work with this card.
<< Anonymous
Badger Reply
It's not stronger than BEWD obviously. It's 400 more DEF it's insignificant but it deserves to be Rare at least.
This card could have been an sr in earlier boxes

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