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update 28/08/2018


“Aquaactress” monsters are able to quickly swarm the field and add cards from the Deck to the hand, they can take advantage of the “Aquarium” Continuous Spell Cards to make up for their naturally low ATK and DEF, together with the Field Spell Wetlands, and they can catch the opponent off guard and surprisingly generate a lot of OTKs.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that this deck is either competitive or consistent, but, if you’re looking for something fun to play with, you have come to the right place.

Example Deck

Aquaactress ArowanaAquaactress ArowanaAquaactress ArowanaAquaactress TetraAquaactress TetraAquaactress Guppy
Aquaactress GuppyAquaactress GuppyGalaxy CycloneGalaxy CycloneWetlandsWetlands
Hey, Trunade!Aquarium SetAquarium SetAquarium LightingAquarium LightingPaleozoic Canadia
Paleozoic CanadiaPaleozoic Canadia----

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Mythic Depths
Begins Duel with the Field Spell "Umi" activated.
Mako Tsunami
Mako Tsunami

How to Use

Aquaactress Tetra

This Level 1 Aqua-Type monster gives you access with its effect to both Aquarium Set and Aquarium Lighting, the two Continuous Spell Cards that support this archetype, it has very low stats, but it can benefit from the Wetlands and reach a decent amount of ATK.

Aquarium Set & Lighting

These are the two cards that Aquaactress Tetra can add from the Deck to the hand:

  • Aquarium Set increases the ATK and DEF of all WATER monsters you control by 300 and of all “Aquaactress” monsters by an additional 300, meaning that Aquaactress Tetra, Aquaactress Guppy and Aquaactress Arowana receive a 600 boost; it’s not much, but you can have more than one on the field and you can search it from the Deck.

  • Aquarium Lighting doubles the ATK and DEF of an “Aquaactress” monster you control during damage calculation when it battles an opponent’s monster.

Both of these two Continuous Spell Cards can also Special Summon an “Aquaactress” monster from the Graveyard, if they are sent to the Graveyard.

Once you pair these cards together and you add Wetlands on top of it, you can start to see what this deck can accomplish and why I was talking about OTKs; with Wetlands, Aquarium Set and Lighting on the field, Aquaactress Tetra, the monster with 300 base ATK, reaches 4200 ATK during damage calculation.

If Rose Lover has taught us anything is that a lot of people don’t read the effects and will just attack into your monster.

Aquaactress Guppy

This card allows you to, once per turn, Special Summon an “Aquaactress” monster from your hand, making it quite easy to get even the Level 6 Aquaactress Arowana on the field.

Aquaactress Arowana

Arowana is Level 6 monster, it’s definitely more difficult to summon and quite bricky to play with, but you can Special Summon it from the hand with Aquaactress Guppy and it can reach over 5000 ATK; in addition to its notably higher stats, once per turn, Arowana can add an “Aquaactress” from the deck to the hand, allowing you to thin the deck even more.

Galaxy Cyclone & Hey, Trunade!

Backrow removal is quite essential in this deck as it makes it easier to attack with your monsters:

Hey, Trunade! is obviously quicker than Galaxy Cyclone, it will force your opponent to either activate their Spell/Trap Cards or have them bounced back to their hand, whereas Galaxy Cyclone is limited to one Set Spell/Trap Card on activation, but you can use it again starting from the following turn, banish it from the Graveyard and get rid, for example, of an Amazoness Onslaught.

These are the first expensive cards in the decklist and they may put you off, but don’t worry: you can run any type of backrow removal, even Double Cyclone is a decent option as it synergizes with the two Continuous Spell Cards.

Paleozoic Canadia

Paleozoic Canadia is a great card that can slow down your opponent while you draw into your monsters and set up for an OTK.

After using it, you can Special Summon Canadia from the Graveyard by chaining it to a Trap Card as a Level 2 WATER Aqua-Type monster; Canadia will benefit from Wetlands and Aquarium Set and its effect will also protect it from monster effects.

Replacing Canadia is a bit difficult: you could run Floodgate Trap Hole to slow down Fur Hire, but even Battle Traps like Wall of Disruptionare fine.

Additional Notes


Mythic Depths

User[Skill] description
Mako Tsunami
Mako Tsunami
Mythic Depths
Begins Duel with the Field Spell "Umi" activated.

Running Mythic Depths and three copies of Wetlands may seem redundant, but you can’t search the Field Spell so, having Umi on the field until you draw it is not too bad; the only opponent that could take advantage of your own Field Spell are Mermails who are not exactly common.

Silent as WATER

User[Skill] description
Bastion Misawa
Bastion Misawa
Silent as WATER
Can be used after your Life Points are at 3000 or below. Play the Field Spell "Umiiruka." If there already is Field Spell on your side of the Field, rerturn it to your hand. This skill can only be used once per Duel.

This Skill allows you to activate Umiiruka from outside your deck, boosting all WATER monsters’ ATK by 500. I’d suggest running this Skill with Cosmic Cyclone over Galaxy Cyclone since it synergizes better with it.


  • Consistency is kind of an issue with this deck: you only have three Monster Cards and Arowana is kind of a brick without Guppy as most of the times you will not Tribute Summon it;
  • Common Trap Cards like Treacherous Trap Hole can easily mess up this deck;
  • Backrow heavy decks like Amazoness are difficult to deal with, even when you have your backrow removal available.


Hot New Top
How about Mother Grizzly?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Bad stats, its effect triggers only when it is destroyed by battle in a format full of mass removal cards. Old card tend to be bad, and this card is not an exception. Was a decent card... in 2002.
Gary Woodburn
I used Uminotaurus to deal damage to def monster, don't forget to use wall of disruption to optimize your deck
Article should be updated now that we have Dewdark of the Ice Barrier. Really good card for Wetlands-based deck, particularly Aquaactress.
IMO it's better to run 3 Tetra and 2 Arowana, instead of the other way around.

You don't want to be stuck with just Arowana in your hand and unable to summon anything.
This deck is my way of separating the idiots from the attentive players. Cant tell you how many times ive won when people try to attack me head on and have it backfire. Then there are people who think "oh hey, maybe its a creature effect doing that"? and then find out the hard way it isn't. So many people just play OP meta decks and then never read card text until its too late.
Wetlands is finally available with SR tickets
This deck needs SSA.
I didn't really want to test this but I found time and tested it with physical cards and I felt that the SSA version was the best out of the 2 strategies I managed to test. Pure Aquaactress lacks protection and that's where SSA comes in. I don't have it in-game, so I can't share the list at the moment, but it's basically maxed Aquaactress + 3 Whale, 2 of each Aquarium and 2 SSA...+2-3 whatever u want.
<< Anonymous(Saladfingers)
Anonymous Reply
Then you lost the support of the spell cards to make beatsticks though. This deck loses against anyone willing to stall as is. SSA gets over that but then it's easier to swarm beaters against the deck.
<< Anonymous(Saladfingers)
Anonymous Reply
I tried this deck with SSA but since they're all continuous backrow gets clogged up too easily
<< Anonymous
Red Maverick Reply
What is SSA?
<< Anonymous(Red Maverick)
Anonymous Reply
Sea Stealth Attack
I use blue eyes synchro deck and lost from this deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Lmao you suck
You can run Aquaactress with Yusei's skill to get junk synchron and stardust. You can easily summon Junk synchrons with this deck
By no means am I a hardcore competitive player, but I threw this together and won 12 duels in a row to go to platinum!
Very fun deck and people don't know their effects yet (or read the cards) so enjoy it while it lasts!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The deck
Not competitive but EXCELLENT for auto dueling. You don’t really need the field spell.
<< Anonymous
Revolver Reply
Thanks You dude
Damn it I don’t have wetlands! I wanna run these fishies so bad but it seems it’s essential to have wetlands, I wish they just added it to the card trader or something.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You can get Wetlands with SR tickets. I got my 3rd yesterday.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's not in Ranked SR Ticket.

Either you are mistaken, or you used a different SR ticket.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
WCS SR tickets have it on its pool
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's stupid how we have to rank high in WCS qualifier just to get a copy of this card.

This card really should be made available in the regular SR ticket, if not Card Trader.

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