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update 27/08/2018


This Mermail deck is an OTK variant with a good ability to gain advantage. Use the Atlantean monsters and Abyss Soldier to clear a path for Abyssmegalo and other monsters to attack safely. Mythic Depths gives a small attack boost to all your monsters which could be helpful for ending the duel.

Example Deck

Mythic Depths Version

Mermail AbyssmegaloMermail AbyssmegaloMermail AbyssmegaloAbyss SoldierAbyss SoldierMermail Abysspike
Mermail AbysspikeMermail AbysspikeAtlantean MarksmanAtlantean MarksmanAtlantean MarksmanAtlantean Heavy Infantry
Atlantean Heavy InfantryAtlantean Heavy InfantryMermail AbyssgundeMermail AbyssgundeAbyss-scale of the MizuchiAbyss-scale of Cetus
Drowning Mirror ForceDrowning Mirror Force----

How to Use

Mermail Abyssmegalo

A Boss monster you can summon with relative ease, he is the main focus of your deck and your main damage dealer when performing OTKs. Summon Abyssmegalo from your hand by discarding 2 WATER monsters to gain field presence. You can then search your deck for an Abyss card to support your Mermail monsters depending on the situation. As an OTK enabler you can tribute one other WATER monster on the field to have Abyssmegalo attack twice during the battle phase, which could be deadly with a base 2500 attack and can be boosted by the Abyss card you search and Umi on the field.

Discard Effects

Both of these monsters discard WATER type monsters from your hand as cost for their effects. Mermail Abysspike is used to search out level 3 WATER monsters from your deck. Abyss Soldier returns a card on your opponent's field back to hand. These effect will be used to discard Atlantean monsters or Mermail Abyssgunde to gain advantage.


Atlantean monsters will primarily be used as effect costs for your Mermail monsters. Use discard them to special summon Abyssmegalo, activate the effects of Abysspike and Abyss Soldier, or tribute them on the field to allow Abyssmegalo to attack twice. When sent to the graveyard as cost to activate a WATER monster's effect Atlantean Marksman targets a set card your opponent controls and destroys it. Atlantean Heavy Infantry has a similar effect but for face-up cards instead. Keep in mind that your the monster you target must remain in position (face-up or face-down) for the destruction to go through. If ever the target's position changes it would not be counted as the same target and therefore not destroyed.

Mermail Abyssgunde

When discarded Mermail Abyssgunde revives a Mermail monster in your graveyard except herself. She synergizes very well with Abyssmegalo, Abysspike, and Abyss Soldier in that they are able to discard her from your hand, and they are also able to put Abyssgunde's revive target in your graveyard.


Abyss-scales are equip cards that give your Mermail monster an attack boost and effect negation at the cost of sending the equip card to the graveyard, Mizuchi negates Spells while Cetus Negates Traps. These cards can be searched when you special summon Abyssmegalo with his own effect. Equip them to Abyssmegalo to for protection when trying to perform an OTK.

Other Useful Cards/Skills

Mermail Abysshilde
Mermail Abysshilde
Can be used in place of Abysshilde in case you want to special summon from your hand instead of from your graveyard.
Mermail Abyssleed
Mermail Abyssleed
Can be used as a substitute for Abyssmegalo, but more costly to summon. Can knock a card out of your opponent's hand for disruption, but has less OTK potential than Abyssmegalo.


Silent As WATER activates Umiiruka which gives your monsters a larger attack boost than Umi, but requires your LP to drop below 3000 to use unlike Mythic Depths which activates immediately at the start of the duel.

[Skill] descriptionUser
Silent as WATER
Can be used after your Life Points are at 3000 or below. Play the Field Spell "Umiiruka." If there already is Field Spell on your side of the Field, rerturn it to your hand. This skill can only be used once per Duel.
Bastion Misawa
Bastion Misawa


Anonymous 23days ago
Lol at everyone who said this would be the next tier 1 deck and that Vampires and U.A would suck. A lesson to everyone who believes the meta communitie’s assumptions as boxes are released.
Guys using heavy starter makes the deck a lot better as you almost always start with megalo in hand
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 23days ago Reply
But u have to run the 2 other high lvl's and they suck
Gutted, spent around 20k gems getting all the cards for this deck but I cant find a decent build for it. Help?

Probably best if I just start focusing on saving gems for the next box now
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ehh. . Its a never ending cycle. Just buy what u like. Everyone would tell u to save gems coz there will always be something "better".
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Check YT dan's deck in youtube. Inconsistent compare to the tier1s but viable enough to climb KoG. I think that is the most optimal built.
Personally I like to run two hilde. Works wonders in less p2w mermail decks.
<< Anonymous(HarpieHaneboki)
Anonymous Reply
You would actually have to win with Mermails to call them that lol
I think it’s time to chance the meta decks. Masked hero, Amazonas, Fur Hire, Spellbook are dominating the game, it’s verte disgusting and Boeing to play like this.
<< Anonymous
Slowking Reply
U.A. and Vampires are very good right now as well. I would say that's a really good meta with lots of diversity. Both expensive decks such as spellbook and masked hero as well as cheap such as fur hire and amazoness.
İs This deck powerfull ? Can it match with tier 1 decks ?
<< Anonymous
I agree. Im at KC 14 and everytime i see Amazoness I sigh. I have no problem with anything else but I havent had the luck to pull more Marksmen and I havent gotten to getting Abyss Soldier.
<< Anonymous
1st Anon Reply
I have ran the SSA variant of the deck but the Mermail/Atlantean version seemed to be a lot more consistent.

The version that's worked best for me is similar to the example deck above but remove Abyssgunde and replace them with Moray Of Greed and remove Drowning Mirror Force for Salvage.
<< Anonymous(ATBKING)
Anonymous Reply
Do you think Chaos Hunter might be a good tech choice for the Amazon matchup? I haven't had the chance to test it yet, but it seems to have some degree of synergy.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nah, those atlantean can easily chained when they discarded to graveyard. You will only lose card advantage for nothing.
I honestly think a SSA variant seems better. The fact that you can summon Whale and get SSA by tributing Infantry and Marksman while triggering their effect makes for a good disruption move. This variant doesn't really rely on Megalo either, so 1 or 2 copies is more than enough.
Is there a broke boy version?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Builded like that is good only for second turn; turn one recoon will ruin your drowning and you will be destroyed in a second; vs amazoness you will never get megalo on the field free to attack, because it uses all chainable traps.
Pro tip for this deck: either run backrow removal or SSA. Megalo gets completely shut down by Canadia and Trap Hole, it's not even funny. Doesn't help that the deck is extremely inconsistent.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The deck basically already has built in backrow removal with Marksmen and Heavy Infantry... I've tried adding Cosmic Cyclone, Galaxy Cyclone and SSA but made the deck sooo bricky and inconsistent.

Have you actually tried this and it worked? Because I agree on paper it makes sense but in practice this hasn't worked for me. No hate, just genuinely curious dude!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
While it does have removal, cards like Canadia and Trap Hole can be chained to the destruction effect. Marksman is really good for Traps that activate during the Battle phase like Drowning and Wall of D.
ssa version please
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Build your own.
Sean Masterz
this deck was my idea thief lolzzz
<< Anonymous(Sean Masterz )
Sean Masterz Reply
but i used 1 Mermail Abyssmegalo
<< Anonymous(Sean Masterz )
Anonymous Reply
This is the standard way to play the deck in the TCG, It's not really theifing your idea haha

Cant imagine 1 Megalo being very consistent? What to you use in the place of the other 2?

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I bet very soon konami will release another broken deck to sell to everyone again
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