14th Main Box: Gaia Genesis

REALLY TERRIBLE players said, 'don´t invest in U.A.s and that deck became top tier and same thing happened with Empire of Scarlet. I guess that´s why you can´t trust 🔥ty players who know nothing about the game.
lol indeed
Well, they DO have a basis - U.A. is 🔥 in real life.

But on the other hand, people should have learned by now that cards nobody used in real life format tends to become really good in DL format.
U.A. is brutal man !
Pure awesomeness, glad I invested in it !
deck is on highest top of last weekly
<< Anonymous
U.A. totally CLAPS MAN !


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Too bad a lowly f2p like me have a full bag of staples + Shiranui after playing for 2 years witho...
losing to a limit 1 card is fair enough, your opponent need to be really lucky to draw it in the ...
Yeah it dépends. When I have a counter trap or when I don’t have gren I do it. When ...
What deck are you using?
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