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28th Mini Box: Chronicle of Glory
update 06/09/2016


Here lies one of the best stats monster and a classic card from the anime: "Gate Guardian", perhaps it is very difficult to summon and doesn’t have an effect that could help it survive.

"Guardian Baou" is used for some farming decks and "Naturia Guardian" and "Guardian of the Throne Room" are the most used since they can be easily summoned and are good low level monsters, and with the effect of the Wind monster "Arsenal Summoner", you can take them easier from your deck.

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Doesn't activate it's last effect ( if it destroys a monster destroy all of the face up...
oh look the new generation ritual deck to replace the cyber angels
i have a feeling that there giving us this card in advance cuz raigeki is going to be attainable ...
Glad that we could provide some help to a beginner. Now that we know the shuffle effect doesn�...
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