Standard Duelists Lvl 39

This deck has helped a lot. Hopefully if you try it, it works for you as well.
If you have Wonder Balloons, it'll literally work wonders lol. Once you start your turn, if you play this and discard all the other cards you start with (900 atk points removed if you start, 1200 if the opponent starts), the CPU's will start playing their cards facedown.
Captain Ring
wth u serious? 30 cards and u wanna fight standard duelist HAHAHA. your deck is just drawing 1 card at a time bro
I prefer to use 20 cards, thank you very much.
Dude but I bet it bricks sometimes like a mf
<< Anonymous(geoff)
that deck is beyond help


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the link to the lv 40 farm page is broken
Queria recupera conta qui sumiu
This is almost an exact.copy of onomatoplay, why doesn't this get nerfed too?
Manly of you to not be scared of D/D/Ds as they scare me more than nerfedlights.
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