Standard Duelists Lvl 39

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update 16/01/2017

Stage 39-44

From Stage 39-44, Standard Duelists use Lvl 39 decks.

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Stage 31-40Stage 41-50

Angel and Mythical Beast

Angel and Mythical Beast Lvl: 39

Monster Cards x11
(Fusion Monster x1)
Mystical Beast of SerketMystical Beast of Serket3
Twin-Headed Thunder DragonTwin-Headed Thunder Dragon1
Spell Cards x3QTY
Temple of the KingsTemple of the Kings3
Trap Cards x6QTY
Mask of WeaknessMask of Weakness2
Embodiment of ApophisEmbodiment of Apophis3
Judgment of AnubisJudgment of Anubis1

Coin of Destiny

Coin of Destiny Lvl: 39

Monster Cards x10QTY
Amazoness TraineeAmazoness Trainee3
Goddess of WhimGoddess of Whim3
Time WizardTime Wizard3
Blowback DragonBlowback Dragon1
Spell Cards x8QTY
Cup of AceCup of Ace2
Second Coin TossSecond Coin Toss3
Graceful DiceGraceful Dice3
Trap Cards x2QTY
Skull DiceSkull Dice2

Enraged Dragon

Fire Beat

Fire Beat Lvl: 39

Monster Cards x14
(Fusion Monster x1)
Firestorm ProminenceFirestorm Prominence2
Flame RulerFlame Ruler3
Rigorous ReaverRigorous Reaver3
Element DragonElement Dragon1
Element ValkyrieElement Valkyrie1
Element SaurusElement Saurus1
Blazing HiitaBlazing Hiita3
Spell Cards x0QTY
Trap Cards x6QTY
Regretful RebirthRegretful Rebirth3
Time MachineTime Machine3


Legendary Ocean

Star Seraph of Victory


Hot New Top
Anonymous 31days ago
i use standard beater deck and always bring reverse trap in my deck against those SDs since most of them using attack booster. it helps a lot and make so much fun.
Ever since i built this deck, i never lost a single autoduel against level 39 SD average duel assesment around 3K
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Extra deck is red eyes and black skull dragon
<< Anonymous
satoshi2106 31days ago Reply
dude, i just lost on the very first try
This deck has helped a lot. Hopefully if you try it, it works for you as well.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If you have Wonder Balloons, it'll literally work wonders lol. Once you start your turn, if you play this and discard all the other cards you start with (900 atk points removed if you start, 1200 if the opponent starts), the CPU's will start playing their cards facedown.
<< Anonymous
Captain Ring 22days ago Reply
wth u serious? 30 cards and u wanna fight standard duelist HAHAHA. your deck is just drawing 1 card at a time bro
<< Anonymous
Lathryn 11days ago Reply
I prefer to use 20 cards, thank you very much.
Fuck Agido always toss 4 star, fuck limitless summon.
Fuck Coin Deck.
cheat motherfuc*** coin of destiny
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That and the fuc*ing seraph of victory deck
fuck the angel and mystical beast deck, every time when i set an adhesion trap hole, it's like the npc can fucking read my mind. when i dont have any set cards, they summon twin-headed thunder dragon. but when i have set cards especially cards like michizure, or adhesion trap hole they fucking leave the serket beast on the field.
<< Anonymous
Lathryn 11days ago Reply
Have you tried holding out your Adhesion Trap Hole, and dealing other monsters another way? It works wonders. Really.
Normally, I have no problem kicking the crap out of Star Seraph. But this fucking RNG.

Every single time I've played lately, she starts out with two equip cards and the Seraph, meaning every single game, she's got a 2400 atk monster with 2 500 atk counterparts turn one. Not only that, my hand has always been fucked as well- no equip cards, no way to get out Red Eyes.

The RNG in this game is fucking bullshit.
they are really fucking with me now! i need a deck asap!
i lost 10 in a row on this bullshit! any deck that can beat all of these irritating decks because konami are beginning to screw me over!
These are really bull decks 2 always start with a 1900 monster or better thats fair and i often get stuck with no monsters at all
ritual lvl 8
Nice for new player
Only 3-4 ur

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What a bullshit .. more randomness and luck based cards will never benefit this game.
are the Servers down? cant enter the game right now
me too
i prefer blue eyes right dragon
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