The Unhappy Girl (Deckout)

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Check Pegasus Lvl 50's deck!
update 21/04/2017


This deck will work for players who started the game recently and did not have chances to do the followings:

Obtainable score4,000 - 5,000
Popular skillHoly Guard
Essential cards

Example deck

Elemental Mistress DoriadoGuardian StatueGuardian StatueGuardian StatueThe Unhappy GirlThe Unhappy Girl
The Unhappy GirlBottom DwellerTongyoPolymerizationGoblin ThiefPot of Benevolence
Doriado's BlessingWild TornadoWild TornadoCurse of AnubisWindstorm of EtaquaSpell Purification
Spell PurificationSpell Purification------Deepsea Shark

Set skill

Duel Assessment

  • Deckout Victory: 2100
  • Cards on the Brink: 500
  • Victory by Effect Damage Only: 1000
  • Tribute Summon: 300
  • Ritual Summon: 400
  • Fusion Summon: 400
  • Special Summon: 100
  • Activate Spell: 100
  • Activate Trap: 100
  • Total: 5000

*No Damage (500 points) is also obtainable.

How to use this deck

Stall turns using Unhappy and Statue.

Guardian Statue can activate its effect to keep returning pegasus' monster back to his hand, but if you get unhappy girl, then you will have to attack his monsters with her. Use the traps that you get to protect your monsters or destroy his toon world when he is about to attack.

Effect damage and deck out

Use the Goblin Thief or any other burn cards to inflict burn damage and finish the duel by decking him out without inflicting any battle damage for the bonuses. Use Pot of Benevolence to avoid decking out yourself earlier than Pegasus.

Extra score

Perform any tribute, fusion, or ritual summons if you can. To get an even higher score, use glossies and prismatic cards which can increase by 100 or 200 per card.

1Tribute summon Bottom Dweller.
2Fusion summon Deepsea Shark.
3Ritual summon Elemental Mistress Doriado tributing Deepsea Shark or any other monster you have/control.

Which monsters are good to fusion/ritual/tribute summon?

You can use any high level monster to get the tribute summon bonus, but it's better to use ones that can also be fusion summoned, preferably ones that don't need level 7 or higher monster to avoid dead hand. It's also the same with ritual summon bonus, use whichever ritual monster that you have. Use a fusion monster or ritual monster/spell that are glossy cards for more bonuses.


lk 20hour ago
Why focus so much on destroying toon world? his deck doesnt need it to summon his monsters or attack... I only use one card to destroy it...the rest i use cards to change their monster to defense, or similar.

also, those traps require you to discard one card, SO MUCH WASTED CARDS in this deck!!!
DeadlyHoz 1days ago
I am not an experienced player, I try attacking with unhappy girl and the difference on attack points was applied to me. That's the idea?, to lower lifepoints by attacking with unhappy girl?
anoymous 1days ago
You must use Tea´s skill Holy Guard
Luan061 1days ago
The Millenium Scorpions Deck works well too, 5k or 6k result.
anoymous 1days ago
maybe so, but new players wont a copy of those
Mufasa 2days ago
Drawm Clown? Wow this site needs to leverage some kind of spell checking technology. I see spelling and typos regularly.
anoymous 2days ago
No Problem GameA1.. your hard work is much appreciated... Keep up and thank you!
GameA1 2days ago
Thank you for letting me know my mistakes. Since the team is very small but there are so many things to do, I do make such mistakes many times. Thank you for your help!
anoymous 2days ago
Skull Lair is glitched and screws your game!
anoymous 2days ago
Im a new player and I haven´t gotten any "guardian statue" any suggestions to replace it with? thanks ( dont have clown either)
Mustiz 2days ago
guardian statue is from the card trader
Thex 2days ago
Not bad but um maybe add rai or to get uphappy faster...
anoymous 2days ago
I think you should add Rai-Mei. You can always suicide it on your turn.
Thex 2days ago
Actually neva mind the deck is good without it since pegasus only attacks directly
anoymous 2days ago
I recommend putting in a 2nd pot of benevolence because Pegasus uses pot of dichotomy, so if you went first, you'll end losing by deck out instead. Happened to me
anoymous 1days ago
Or even better: run Jar of Avarice instead

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