Cú Chulainn deck to farm Pegasus Lvl 40

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update 27/02/2017
Note: This deck does not guarantee 100% win. If you have a good idea to farm Pegasus, kindly share with us. Thanks!

Overview / Rating

Obtainable score5000-6000
Essential skillNone
Essential cards


  • Very easy to play.
  • Good for achieving high score assessments against level 40 Pegasus.


  • Not guarantee 100% win. If your starting hand is too bad and that of Pegasus is too good, you may lose.

Example deck

Main x20, Extra x1

Cú Chulainn the AwakenedBlue-Eyes White DragonDream ClownDream ClownDream ClownCrass Clown
Crass ClownBlade RabbitBlade RabbitRiryokuRitual WeaponEmblem of the Awakening
PolymerizationCurse of AnubisLabyrinth of NightmareLabyrinth of NightmareLabyrinth of NightmareWindstorm of Etaqua
Desert SunlightDesert Sunlight------Bickuribox

Set skill

None, since this deck is built to be used to farm Pegasus without a specific skill. This means any Legendary Duelist can use this to learn drop skills, but you can use skills to help the deck by using "Balance" or "Switcheroo".

How to use this deck

1Destroy/return Pegasus's Toon monsters using Dream Clown, Blade Rabbit, and Crass Clown (or Guardian Statue).
2Perform tribute summoning Blue-Eyes White Dragon and fusion summoning Bickuribox once you almost win.
3Perform ritual summoning Cú Chulainn the Awakened tributing BEWD if the dragon is not in the graveyard.
4When your deck reaches 0, boost the ATK of the ritual monster over 5,000 using its effect, Riryoku, and Ritual Weapon, then attack Pegasus's LP.

The way to use this deck is almost same to Clown deck to farm Pegasus Lvl 40. The difference is that this deck uses Cú Chulainn combo to deal over 5,000 damage instead of using Summoner of Illusions and Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, UR cards from the 1st booster, Ultimate Rising.

Possible replacements

Guardian Statue
Guardian Statue
Also effective against Toon deck as well as Blade Rabbit and Crass Clown.
Ritual Weapon
Ritual Weapon
Use 2 copies of this equip spell if you do not have a copy of Riryoku.
Enemy Controller
Enemy Controller
Cards to prevents Toon monsters from attacking, such as Sphere Kuriboh and Enemy Controller, can be substitute for Curse of Anubis
Spell Purification
Spell Purification
Destroys Pegasus's Toon World igonoring a counterattack of Judgment of Anubis.
The deck already has one, but if there are other cards you don't have, you can still put in another Riryoku. This helps survivability in case you get second turn.


anoymous 14hour ago
Who knows if this is a glitch or not?
I couldnt use Secret Pass to the Treasures on my last turn and couldnt attack also, i lost.
VerdieUnyum 6hour ago
That's mammoth... Your monster can't attack the turn it's summoned... It makes your secret pass won't work... Because your monster can't attack..
anoymous 13hour ago
tryed to use it when i had one free space on spell/trap slots
anoymous 13hour ago
Your spells are full
Anonymous Commenter 1days ago
Got a good 10k+ with this deck. Kind of risku though. I don't have martyr or union, but was able to get it done
Anonymous Commenter 1days ago
This deck
kek 1days ago
Works most of the time, but something you get fucked by RNG.
jerk 2days ago
hello guys, ive face lv40 pegasus and he summon 3 toon monster in one turn since it special summon, so i cant stall the turn
BrBr 2days ago
I'm using this:
Anonymous Replyer 2days ago
Forget what I said, you have to watch out for one of Pegasus' monsters that won't allow you to attack on summon. I suggest at least a "Murmur of the Forest" to negate its effect.
BrBr 2days ago
Pegasus has a monster that makes yours unable to attack on the turn they are summoned. So, you need to summon her one turn before the last one.
Texugo 2days ago
I can't use Secret Pass on chullain too
Anonymous Replyer 2days ago
Were you able to use Secret Pass to the Treasures on chuchu? I can't for some reason.
BrBr 2days ago
Also, you don't need Nobleman of extermination, Des counterblow, Jar of greed or Soul exchange. Riryoku can be changed for any card that increases Cú Chulainn atk by at least 500.
BrBr 2days ago
On last turn you need Cú Chulainn and Blue eyes on the field together and do the following steps: -Activate secret pass on Cú Chulainn -Use Gift of the Martyr on Blue eyes -Activate Cú Chulainn's effect using Blue eyes -Activate both ritual weapons -Use Riryoku to give Cú Chulainn another 500 atk points
anoymous 2days ago
6 Straight Losses Agains Pegasus Lvl 40 with this deck, It's Not Working As Intended, Every Time I Get A Bad Start And Pegasus Sumomons Gemini Elf Plus Goblin Attack Force
anoymous 2days ago
use balance it is a great skill
anoymous 2days ago
If you don't screw somethings this deck is easy to win. I also get around 7000 A.P. everytime. Use switcheroo for skill.
dogownerjr 2days ago
I've lost two times in a row with this deck... 80 tokens straight down the drain...
anoymous 3days ago
U can use gift of the (mertyrer (that's not the word but I don't know it in English)) instead of riryoku
TKSainto 3days ago
I´ll have to test this
TaurusSilver 3days ago
I only have 1 crass clown,1 dream clown and 1 guardian Statue. Are there any substitute apart from them?
anoymous 2days ago
Blade Rabbit
Taurus Silver 3days ago
Can't I just use de spell to remove toon world?

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Magic drain caused me to discard union attack for fusion gate. Dam
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