Union Attack to farm Pegasus: deck recipe

Deck to get high score against Pegasus Lvl 40.
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update 02/02/2017
Note: This deck does not guarantee 100% win. If you have a good idea to farm Pegasus, kindly share with us. Thanks!

Deck overview

Obtainable score8,000 - 9,000
Popular skillNo skill is required
Essential cards
  • Union Attack
  • Dream Clown


  • Good for achieving high score assessments
  • Very safe and defensive deck


  • Not drawing into your defensive cards may lose you the game

Example deck

Garma SwordSphere KuribohGuardian StatueGuardian StatueGuardian StatueCrass Clown
Gravekeeper's VassalDream ClownDream ClownDream ClownBlade RabbitBlade Rabbit
Fusion GateUnion AttackGarma Sword OathWild TornadoDesert SunlightWindstorm of Etaqua
Curse of AnubisSpell Reclamation------Bickuribox

Set skill

This deck is built to get high score against Pegasus Lvl 40 without skill. That means any character can use this deck to aim to drop skills.

How to use this deck

Work in progress...


N0371 latest
My version of this deck:
7,5k ++
Winrate 9/10

no skill is needed, I use Mai "Aroma Strategy"
Danny 4hour ago
Can someone make a youtube video or explain when and what to do in each situation?
anoymous 4hour ago
i just realized that i actually have all the cards in this deck, can't wait to try it
asdfghjkl 7hour ago
I've made few changes for this deck. Now it's very easy to fusion, ritual, and special summon in the last turn. I always get over 8k and sometimes 9k.

You just need to have Guardian Statue, Dream Clown & Summoner of Illusions BEFORE the last turn + Spell Reclamation set( if you were lucky to draw it before the last turn).

In your last turn just fusion the clowns, then flip the summoner and tribute the fusion monster. Now ritual summon by tributing the summoner and guardian. Summon Vassal and your ready to get your easy 8k score.
baconslut33 4hour ago
what are your two fusion monsters?
aosama 5hour ago
Thanks for the deck recipe man, it totally works!
anoymous 7hour ago
Is restart or balance skill better?
asdfghjkl 7hour ago
proof. yeah I'm using Mai in order to get her skill
Zodiarkcsr 9hour ago
Two thing need to have against Pegasus so. 1- Murmur Forest spell /enemy controller spell during last turn to avoid vassal cannot attack and receive secret pass spell effect. 2 - Banish toon cannon soldier( using 1400 atk effect Monster. Forget the name DD monster I think. 1400 atk because to avoid battle damage).
anoymous latest
Magic drain caused me to discard union attack for fusion gate. Dam
anoymous 15hour ago
Is any1 else having a problems with unhappy piranha deck when using secret pass while u have unhappy girl and piranha on the field it wont let u select piranha?
anoymous 13hour ago
Mammoth doesn't allow you to attack the turn you summon a monster so summon piranha a turn before
anoymous 13hour ago
Or there was his Mammoth on the field and you forgot about the effect
anoymous 14hour ago
because you used riryoku or gift of matyr first. U have to activate secret pass be4 u boost ur piranha atk because it only work when ur piranha atk is 1000 or lower
anoymous 16hour ago
Is there a deck that can achieve a high score if you werent able to get any ultimate rising cards
anoymous 16hour ago
CHECK youtube , ruroshin ,he did a deck without ulimate rising
anoymous 16hour ago
i think pirahana army is better then vassal here
anoymous 13hour ago
Vassal decks are always the best farming decks in terms of score, if you have all the key cards. 1000 pts for effect damage only helps a lot.
anoymous 16hour ago
why my gravekeep vassal only did 5k+ dmg , i did 2 union attack on it , with the ritual monster attack added to him , final score assessment only 6800 , how is it 8-9k farming deck
anoymous 12hour ago
R u sure that all of ur monsters in attack position?
anoymous 13hour ago
Because you've been doing things wrong.
anoymous 14hour ago
You needed the fusion summon and then union attack
anoymous 16hour ago
anoymous 17hour ago
There's no need for passage if u tried it u will know
anoymous 18hour ago
you dont even have secret pass!... How do you make your dmg with the gravekeeper huh?! lol
Regiultima 17hour ago
Then you're playing the deck wrong.
anoymous 17hour ago
What if Guardian Statue isn't on the field???? To be safe, I'd still use Secret Pass
Regiultima 17hour ago
Guardian Statutes to clear the field. No need for Secret Pass when the field is empty.
anoymous 17hour ago
lol please fix this. No secret pass!

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Magic drain caused me to discard union attack for fusion gate. Dam
Not when Lord of D. is on the field like he may be in the Meteor B. Dragon SD45 deck.
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only uncreative and noobs use relinquish. your mom must be proud of you.
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